For those not on Facebook

I posted pictures of the two reusable bags I’ve made on Facebook. I also created an album of things I’ve sewn, but it’s not really that exciting.

These bags are, and they were fun to make, kinda, in a why do they take so long kind of way? Oh, because I want to reinforce them and make sure Jon can haul home a watermelon week after week kind of way.


This is a bag I made for Jon. It’s a little funky and fun, though slightly girly, but he doesn’t mind.


This bag I gave as a gift to the same bride I made the apron for.

I bought the material thinking I would only get one bag out of each fabric, but I decided to just use white, since they had no off white canvass, for the inside I’ll be able to make two from each fabric and why I was OK making and giving the to be bride the blue and brown bag. I love the fabric and I want to go buy all they have left and make bags for people I know as gifts, but keep one for myself.

I’m thinking of selling them, though they take way too long to make at this point. I’d need to perfect them and possibly get ride of the bottom contrast fabric to shed time off, though I really like it.

What do you think?

How much would you pay for a bag like this? It’s larger than the regular fabric shopping bags and I think a lot more sturdier. On Etsy I see them priced around $35-$45, but I’m not sure if they’re made of cotton or canvass, which mine are.

Any thoughts?

5 Responses to “For those not on Facebook”

  1. Anna Says:

    Did you make up the pattern yourself? You could also sell the pattern.

    I’d make my own, but I’d buy the pattern before drafting it myself.

    The bags look great. You do great work.

  2. Lacey Says:

    I’m flattered you think I’d draft my own pattern, but no I bought it, but I did modify it. The small tote was too small and the large tote to big and both too narrow and I’ve shorten the handles so they’re more grocery carrying friendly, though I did leave them long enough to go over the shoulder. Jon’s handles are a little to long, but you live you learn.

    The pattern has you putting the handles just below the contrast fabric, but on Jon’s I put it all the way the way around, because he wanted it that way and I could do that if I wanted to. It just makes for some think layers to sew through.

  3. Molly Says:

    Lacey, I love the purse! I love making purses myself. My mom made some from a pattern I used and sold them at a family auction for $25, and they are probably a lot smaller than yours. I bet you could get like $35-$45…may as well try!

  4. andrea Says:

    If Brien sees this he will complain that I haven’t made any bags for us yet. My bags wouldn’t be as cute because I would have to use the material/scraps we have on hand before I could buy new, cute, coordinating material. (BTW part of your apron looks like it has material from my quilt.) After some of our purchased bags wear out I’ll need to look into cute creations like yours.

    The price seems fair, but I don’t pay that much for these kind of items. I buy them on sale for half off.

  5. Lacey Says:

    I wouldn’t pay that much either, but my market is towards people with more disposable income who want to buy handmade products or crafts made by people in America.

    I find that sewing is a hard trade because it does take so much time to make anything.