Quick update…

On my toe. I did fracture it, and on my child’s sandal of all things, and I have to wear shoes for 4 to 6 weeks. Knowing I fractured it makes going to the doctor and needing to spend money on the x-rays a lot more acceptable. ( Did you know that mothers are notorious for not going to the doctor and neglecting health care, especially during economic hard times.)

I’m sad that I have to wear shoes, but happy that I don’t need to return the cute ones I just bought since they’re now a necessity and get to be taken out of miscellaneous, though I think they may have come out of medical, spending rather than my allowance which I need to save for my girls night out this week, ( Anyone else up for line dancing Thursday night?) and then save for my girls weekend because us Mama’s are gonna go wild like good Mormon Mama’s always do when they’re not taking care if their kids, though their will be babies there.

Anyways, I’m not happy about wearing shoes and my cold sore is all but gone, since I still have just a small scab and my husband won’t kiss me till the scab is gone.

Things are almost back to normal. Almost.

One Response to “Quick update…”

  1. Sara Says:

    Glad her hear that the cold sore is almost gone. Sorry about the toe, but I hear you on the fact that your x-rays are now justified. I’m always worried that something is going to come back as not a big deal and I’d feel like a wimp. Hope you get better soon!