Eden’s Party

In an effort to not get completely behind and post every picture post months after if happened, I’m posting pictures from Eden’s 4th Birthday Party.

We had the party at the Zurflueh’s house where Lilah’s was held last year.

We of course had a pinata.



I made the pinata this year, like I did last year, but since I painted it it didn’t take me 8 hours to decorate. Just $4 for spray paint and half an hour. It’s the only way to make a homemade pinata.


This is the cake I made, sorry it’s dark but it looks better since you see less of it’s imperfections. I drafted a slightly bigger genie since I decided 8×10 would not be big enough for the sheet cake my mom baked for me.

We did pin the lamp on the genie. The genie was drawn by my wonderful friend Anna. I painted it.

This is my niece Adrienne, with her big sister behind helping to hold up the blindfold that I did not securely tie. The funny thing is my niece is far sighted.


Judging who won.

We enjoyed some Otter pops and then it was pinata time.


Eden the birthday girl was first.



Gracie got a really good hit in. I think next year I will make the pinata three layers again and maybe blindfold the kids.


Josh is in Eden’s church class and lives down the street from us.

Some of the kids close their eyes when hitting the pinata anyways.




Christina, Josh’s older sister, broke the pinata on her third hit, but it wasn’t quite spilling the candy yet.


Her sister finished it off for us.



We then sang Happy Birthday.  Lilah is such a wonderful big sister. I think everyone needs a big sister.

I just thought that this was a funny picture.

We opened presents and then it was time for swimming!!!


The Spencer family.


Elona Spencer with mommy and sisters behind her.


Lilah looks like she’s waiting for a swim meet.


And she’s off!


Eden swimming with Jon. I think they’re so cute.


Cute Eden.


Sam with Britta and baby Matilda.


Carolyn with Adrienne.

It was a fun enjoyable party and we thank everyone who helped and was able to celebrate with us.

3 Responses to “Eden’s Party”

  1. Sara Says:

    Those are great pictures and that cake is AMAZING! Did you take the Wilton Cake decorating classes? I really want to take them, but there isn’t a really close Michaels…
    Oh, and I love the blindfold. It reminds me of something…If only I could remember what!
    I know I still need to stop by for the pictures, I’ve been really busy this week, but maybe I’ll be able to next week.

  2. nice niece Says:

    Wow, what an awesome party! I love the cake.

  3. Lacey Says:

    I’ve never taken classes except what I learned in young woman’s. I’ve mostly just watched my mom and figured things out on my own. I have extremely shaky hands when I decorate cakes and they start hurting almost immediately, I think I slightly have arthritis, and it makes for decorating a cake very annoying to my body. I barely start and I want to be done and hence the reason I only do it once or twice a year.