I don’t like daylight saving time.

In truth we’ve gotten up at the same time this week, it just happens to be 9:00am DST and 8:00am standard. This isn’t too good because church starts at 9:00 am. 🙁
Jon’s doing his own boycott of DST. So in some ways I will be constantly reminded, or at least on some weekly bases know that it is only 8:00 not 9:00 and so forth. It makes saying goodbye to him harder in the morning because 6:30 am is just not my hour.
I really don’t like this DST thing except my late night shows come on sooner, which is good if they are on at 10 or later, but bad if they’re on at 9 because the girls are still up.
With DST time I mostly feel like a slacker because I get up “later”.
I just remembered I have to take Jon to work tomorrow so Lilah can go to her class. UGH!! 6:30 or I mean 7:30am really bits. I don’t have to be there tomorrow so maybe I won’t take her and I’ll just let us adjust to the change.This is really going to bite. At least we’ll all get good naps if I decide to go. I don’t want to wake up.

One Response to “I don’t like daylight saving time.”

  1. amber Says:

    Me too. Hate the change. Seems pointless. Almost makes it worth moving to Arizonia, Indiana or Hawaii…