Most expensive month yet.

August apparently is our most expensive month yet.

New tires for the Toyota: too much money.
Repairing the Toyota from the small accident Lacey was in: too much money.
Buying a staff parking permit for Jon because they made a rule that staff could no longer just buy student parking: twice as much as student parking, AKA too much money.
Paying for Jon’s class: too much, at least until they reimburse us 80% of the costs of credits, Holla at discount tuition!
Paying the regular bills that we need: too much money.

Life is so expensive. In two months we will have spent around $1,500 on our cars, since Jon needed new tires last month, and this does not include the car payment or insurance.

Money stinks sometimes.

3 Responses to “Most expensive month yet.”

  1. Sara Says:

    I totally know the feeling. In the last couple of months it hasn’t ended for us either. We had saved up and ended up buying a new computer and then literally the next day I had a flat tire and ended up having to replace them all, then a couple of days later we installed wood flooring (which we had already paid for, but didn’t think about all the extras- base board, tools, paint, etc), then 2 days later my car had to go in and get the clutch replaced.
    It really does pour when it rains.

  2. andrea Says:

    I think we are having extra bills pop up because we met our initial savings goal. Brien’s windshield is getting fixed this Friday (it now has a crack down the middle, across the bottom and across the top) it’s $248 for that, and sometime soon we need to get him a new driver’s side mirror (since his disappeared when we had a blow-out last summer. Oh, and my brakes are making a jerking motion. Car repairs are so expensive.

    So if you are an employee do they require you to purchase the staff parking, or is it just that the system is updated enough that even though he’s a student it knows he is also an employee?

  3. Lacey Says:

    It use to be that he could purchase a student or staff permit, I think this was even before he was taking classes, and now they must purchase an employee or staff permit no matter what. He tried to get the student one but it didn’t work, they had him as staff and that trumps student.

    I’ve also just added one more major purchase, though we should get reimbursed for a part of it, it’s more a question of when and how much.

    We’re burning through money.

    And Sara I’m sorry to hear about all your expenses. When it rains it pours is so true.