Mama’s Weekend

So, I just realized I hadn’t written a post about the details of how my weekend away went. I guess I’ve been pretty preoccupied by homeschooling and using Linux this week.

We wanted the trip to have a lot more woman on it, but since it was the weekend right before school a few mom’s decided to stay home with their soon to enter kindergarten children and one had to cancel because her husband got asked to go on a Scout trip and she felt he needed to go. So it was my dear friend Sam and her dear friend Julie who went and they both brought their nursing children. So we had three mom’s and two young children.

Just a funny note: I have never spoken to Julie that much, but my mother made her wedding cake, I had an English class with her husband in college and she and Andrea were friends back in the day. She’s also visit taught my sister Carolyn, and she now lives in my parent’s ward and receives sewing lessons from my mom on a weekly basis. So even though Julie and I had only seen each other at Britta’s birthday parties, we know of one another and she knows my family. Oh, she also lived in the ward we’re currently in, but moved during the housing boom a few years ago.

Friday afternoon Sam and I dropped our girls off at her in-laws house. I needed a sitter for about 3 hours that afternoon since Jon couldn’t take any time off and Sam asked them if they’d be willing to take my two rambunctious girls with her crazy daughter. (Ha, all of our children are pretty mellow for other people so this is such an exaggeration.) They said yes and in one afternoon they were bombarded with 3 times the normal number of young girls they’re use to. Jackie, Sam’s mother-in-law, said that none of the girls spoke to them and just played until they came out to tell her they were hungry. She then fed them some biscuits and chicken nuggets and Jon arrived some time soon after.

We left a little later than normal due to nursing kids and me waiting outside the wrong house to drop my kids off at, but we all eventually piled into Julie’s van and got on the road to Pine Valley.

Riding in one car was so nice. I was in the back because Sam gets car sick, but both of the kids were pretty good for most of the time. We did have one throw up and one cry for the last 30 minutes of the drive, but eh, that’s all in the day of a mother.

We got to the cabin and settled in. We had Navajo tacos for dinner. Sam had brought bread dough to make the scones and I brought the rest of the ingredients. We had homemade guacamole and I made the taco meat a little more delicious by adding a can of pork and beans. (I had it at an activity and it just added a sweetness to it that was so good.)

We ate till we were far too full andΒ  then relaxed and just sat and talked some more since that’s all we did for the drive too.

It was so nice to be with other woman and to talk like woman and not have to worry about little ears and little hands, though Dallin, Julie’s son, was walking around but he was pretty low key in the getting into things area.

Julie, who knows so many of my the women in my family, got a kick out of hearing and watching me talk. Since many of us Harvey girls have similar traits in how we carry ourselves and talk she said how she could see my mom’s, Andrea’s, and Carolyn’s mannerism in me.

We had strawberries and banana’s dipped in chocolate for a desert and then continued to talk till about 2 am.

Really our weekend consisted of food and talking the whole time.

Sam made some delicious chocolate ginger pancakes for breakfast and we enjoyed our food outside on the deck. It was a beautiful day and we sat outside for most of the time we were there.

Julie made quesadilla‘s with pico de gallo for lunch, which we also ate outside.

As we sat on the porch we watched the hummingbirds feed off the feeder. We also saw them dueling and I got scared a couple times because they came dueling towards my head. Sam got a kick out of me being afraid of the hummingbirds but I didn’t want those beaks coming towards me. I’m sure at a high speed they can hurt you pretty badly.

As afternoon approached so did some rain. Julie had been wandering around the yard and found the blackberry bushes which were in season. So despite the fact that I already had done my hair and make-up and do not enjoy playing in the rain I ran quickly and gathered just a small amount for my girls to enjoy, which they loved.

We then packed up the van and made a delicious stop at Chuck ‘A Rama, my favorite buffet in St. George, though it gets pricey at dinnertime.Β  After that we were all so full and tired that it was quiet in the car for about 5 minutes before we started talking again.

We got back into town around 9:00 pm and I was able to kiss my girls hello before I sent them off to bed and then stayed up till 1 am talking to Jon and checking e-mails and blogs.

It was so beautiful that I’m going there again, but this time with Sam and her daughters and me and mine. Britta and my girls and good friends and we think they’re at the perfect age to begin creating fun sleepover memories and enjoy time at the cabin together.

I’m so excited.

5 Responses to “Mama’s Weekend”

  1. Carolyn Harvey Says:

    Oh I miss Julie. We should have mom invite her over to the house.

  2. Sam Says:

    I’m so glad you liked Pine Valley. I can’t wait to have a ladies’ weekend again. Too bad we have to wait for next summer. It was a ton of fun just eating and talking. That’s all you really need sometimes. I’m excited to bring the girls next time too.

  3. Nice Niece Says:

    Ah, that sounds like the perfect getaway. πŸ™‚

  4. Nice Niece Says:

    PS-I’m laughing about the hummingbirds too. πŸ˜‰

  5. Julie Morris Says:

    It was fun reading your rendition of the fun. It was all eating and talking huh!? I loved it….and it was fun to get to know you better. πŸ™‚