5 things- Pine Valley Style

So the girls and I went to Pine Valley this weekend with Sam, her daughters Britta (5), Matilda (6 months), and her in-laws. Jon was on call this weekend in case they needed something at UNLV, and Sam’s husband wasn’t able to make it either. It was so much fun and I would go all the time if they allowed me and my family to be there.

1. Grandpa Gary, Sam’s FIL, did so many fun things with the girls and just included mine like they were his own. We did call him Grandpa Gary the whole weekend.

2. Grandma Jackie, Sam’s MIL, was also so nice to my daughters and made us feel like family.

3. Sam for inviting us along, even if it was slightly selfish so Britta would have some playmates and wouldn’t need Sam to entertain her the whole weekend. 😉

4. I’m thankful that I was able to let go and tell my girls to get dirty and have fun. They stayed outside 90% of the time, except to eat and to sleep.

5. The beautiful outdoors that Heavenly Father created. I just wish Sam had thought to invite us sooner in the summer so we could have gone more, of course only if we were invited. I’m hoping to go next year with Sam if she invites us again.

Just for fun 6. Talking with friends till late in the night. I think if the husbands go with us they’ll have to sleep in tents outside so Sam and I can talk. It’s so funny how Sam and I never run out of things to talk about.

One Response to “5 things- Pine Valley Style”

  1. andrea Says:

    glad to hear that you’re making progress on letting go with the kids. one of their best features is that they, and their clothes, wash easily. (even if it’s not always convenient.)