5 things

1. Killer Ant Bait….I found what my bug man uses and we’ll see if it works since I’ve only had it 20 minutes, because it’s not exactly what he uses, but it is the same brand. They were gone and now they’re just starting to trickle back. Darn ants.
2. Glasses. I’d be blind and useless without them.
3. How Eden tickles. She likes to use her hair and she’ll tickle inanimate objects like Jon’s laptop.
4. Lilah and how she always tries to surprise me. One day I walked to the mail box then there was a light touch on my arm and I jumped because I hadn’t notice her follow me outside. She thought it was hilarious, and it was the first time she truly completely surprised me.
5. Jon and his willingness to work hard and help me. He did the dishes recently and I’m so thankful he did, even though I’ve resigned to him not doing any of my chores while he’s in school.

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