5 Things

This week has been strange. On Monday I could only think of three things I was grateful for so I didn’t want to post, but I’ve found a couple more things and now can post a complete list.

1. I’m grateful for a husband who understands me and doesn’t mind my slumps. Well, he might mind them, but he’s understands that I need time and tries not to put extra demands on me, he even reminds me that with changes I only need to focus on little things and taking baby steps. He’s so wonderful.
2. Children who don’t have an anger issues. I had to deal with an interesting child on Monday and it makes me realize how lucky I am that I have normal kids without behavioral issues, though we still have the teen years ahead of us.
3. The cooler weather. It’s still hot, but I look forward to the not so hot days and cool nights. The girls and I can start taking walks again.
4. A good friend who watched my girls for four hours while I mostly just waited at the doctor’s office for a 20 minute procedure. Her daughter is also in school, so it wasn’t even classified as a play date/ babysitting, it was just babysitting.
5. Daughters who cleaned up after themselves at their friends house, without needing to be asked. I reminded them that they needed to clean up after themselves since their friend wouldn’t be there and I’m just really happy they listened. Now I just wish they would do that at home.

Also, little girls who run around in their pretty pink dance leotard. Eden’s just so dang cute right now, even if she won’t dance for me and I told her she had to if she wanted to wear it. She just doesn’t believe me for some reason.

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