Today was kinda an off day. I didn’t do any homeschool, which I should have since yesterday I was at the doctor’s and then I took a nap once home. I did read to my girls about Columbus and I did have Eden read from the Bob books.

I also cleaned my stove-top, as in the little drip pans and underneath where things spill beneath the burners. It was terrible and it was something extra in my routine so I  think it’s an accomplishment worth blogging about. Yay for me!

Tomorrow maybe I’ll de-clutter my living room or bedroom. I figure if I tackle one extra thing in my routine per day I’ll make some progress and maybe my house will become presentable again. As of now if anyone were to drop by I’d be terribly embarrassed.

One Response to “Today”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    Eew, I hate cleaning the stovetop…that’s totally blog-worthy.