5 things

1. A wonderful husband who loves me for me.
2. I’m grateful I got to experience this moment yesterday. As I packed the girls into the car after the co-op I heard Eden ask Lilah, “So Lilah what did you learn today?” in a very serious and cute voice.
3. I’m thankful for two healthy girls. We had their yearly check-up and they’re both normal and growing fine.
4. I’m grateful for my healthy body. I know a few people with crazy health problems and I’m happy mine don’t require major surgery, just exercise and minor sutures.
5. I’m so excited for the Holidays coming up. I don’t know what to get anyone for Christmas and we don’t have a lot of time till it’s here, but I am just so excited. (This might also be because I’m not making any costumes. Eden will be Jasmine and Lilah a fairy and she’ll use her costumes from the play. I’m so getting off easy. I do want Lilah to be Alice in Wonderland one of these years though, so I am tempted to make that this year before she gets too old.)

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