Lazy Punctuation!

So lately my punctuation has been lacking. Not so much in my blog, though I do wonder how often I should use comma’s for my wonderful run on sentences.

I’ve not been capitalizing or adding periods when I chat or write on some one’s wall in Facebook, unless I notice it and go back to correct it.

I thinkĀ  when I chat I am wanting to maximize my speed, so hitting the shift key while I type or punctuating seems to take too much time away from my rapid fire brain. I think it’s also that I still type incorrectly and am to busy trying to go back and correct what I’ve mistyped and there are many a times I still mistype, just ask Hunny Bunny. a.k.a. Jon.
(Lilah loves that his nickname is Hunny Bunny and while we chat she is known to come read his nickname and them cover her mouth and giggle as she says. “Hunny Bunny, that’s so cute.” It use to be Sexy Husband and for the previous reason of Lilah reading I changed it.)

I also am a terrible speller so besides having to correct what I mistype due to wrong key strokes I have to go back and do a spell check, which is easy since it’s automatically installed in Firefox.

I think I’m mostly lazy, buy I’m only lazy at choice times. Right now I have no problem with capital letters, but five minutes ago I was forgetting to capitalize or use periods as I chatted late night with a friend, and it wasn’t because I’m tired and hungry, though I am both.

I just have mental laziness in certain web programs.

With Facebook I think it’s when I write what I’m thinking I’m doing it in third person and they begin the sentence for me. Such as: Lacey J is tired and hungry. I only have to add the “is tired and hungry.” part so I don’t need to capitalize but then I find it running over into wall posts or comments.

Is there such a thing as unconscious- choice- lazy- punctuation?

And did you know Lacey is misspelled according to Firefox so I have to ignore the red dots below my name any time I type it, which isn’t often since Facebook does the hard work of writing it for me.

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