So how was your day?

My morning consisted of trying to stay awake during General Conference. I mostly stayed awake, but at times I was mostly sleeping. The girls had fun calling my name whenever they saw my eyes closed, then I’d get grumpy at them and tell them to settle down. I think I’m turning into my father.

In between conference we cleaned out the candy in our cabinet. Really condensed it since they were able to fit all the candy into these two coconuts containers that we had from Eden’s birthday party. At least it’s condensed and in a smaller area and not a big gallon ice cream bucket and several bags and other containers. I think once we start getting Halloween candy all the other candy will be thrown out. Maybe that’s how I should do it routinely since some of the candy they put in those coconuts was from Valentine’s day. Ewe.

I also did the dishes before the next session of conference started and to keep me awake for the second meeting I was crocheting a dish rag. I just learned how to crochet on Wednesday, so I thought I better practice before I forgot what I was doing, though I could ask Jon for help since he knows how to crochet. I took out what I started twice and I think I’m doing much more uniform stitches now on my third try. Crocheting did keep me awake for the second session of conference today, but my converter box kept losing it’s signal and I only got parts of the talks and songs. Each time it went off Lilah and Eden would say very loudly “Signal, hey signal!” because they were convinced that’s why the signal returned. It was kinda fun, but also kinda annoying. Well see how tomorrow goes.

After conference I went to work outside. The girls have been playing nearly every day with our neighbors or just outside by themselves, and they’ve asked on more than one occasion if they could go in our backyard. Our back yard isn’t too much of a mess, but it’s getting the neighbor girls there through the side yard that the dilemma lied. Our bushes hadn’t been trimmed  and they blocked the pathway along with all the pine needles and trash that liked to be blown around back there. So I took time to clean our driveway, trim back the bushes and clean the side yard. It was hard work, and I know my legs are going to be sore from all the squatting I did, but at least it’s passable and now I just need to sweep the back yard and make it slightly more presentable so they and their friends can be back there and I won’t have to worry about what they’re getting into. The neighbor girls have  talent for getting into things back there or making things dangerous. Like the time they took the giant, hard, dead, stock to our giant sunflower and were using it as a sword, or something equally scary to this momma since it was giant, and hard, and slightly pointy at the end.

Today I’ve also been dreaming of visiting some of our National Parks. PBS did a 6 day, 2 hours each day, special this week and it really makes me want to visit all these awesome parks. I never went to any growing up, but I really want to take my children and experience the beautiful scenery with them. My first goal is for us to visit the Tetons, Yellowstone and then onto Glacier National park. I think it would be so fun, we just have to budget and hope we can correspond our trip to my friends Anna’s yearly trip out to Glacier so we can stay with her and her husband at his parents cabin out there.  (And on the way to Yellowstone we’d probably travel through Utah so we could visit a certain niece.)

We need to go to many other parks out here in the West since so many are so close to us.

There are just so many beautiful places to visit and so little time.

What did you do or dream about today?

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