Family Pictures 2009

It’s that time of year again when we get our family pictures! Here’s last years if you want to see how the girls have changed, though Eden has the same haircut practically.

This year was interesting. When the girl asked if we preferred light or dark for our backdrop I was saying light, but I though Jon said dark because of the girl’s cream shirts, and I was like “Dark, I’m going to fade into the backdrop.” So the girl checked both light and dark and said we would do both. Well, she didn’t do both, and then when we caught on that she wasn’t going to do both I asked Jon about it once more and he said that he was trying to say the light would go better, and I wanted the light backdrop, but she did dark the whole time and we had to ask her to do a white backdrop for one last picture, when she said she would do both. Ugh.

Also the girls weren’t the most smiley things, and I know it was hard getting pictures, but most of the time she would only take one picture per pose, so some poses are cute, but not all the participants are.

I kinda like the dark, but I also like the one white picture.

Here are the ones I will let you choose from. Leave a comment listing what ones you like and you will receive a lovely 4×6  after they are developed either the next time we see you or in your Christmas card. If you’re a parent you may request a larger size, say 5×7 or 8×10.

The names to list them by will appear under the photo. Some are close-ups of a picture, so you could have the farther image, or the close-up.


Family 01


Family 01 B




Family 03


Family 04


Dad and girls


Mom and girls


Girls 01


Girls 01 B


Girls 02


Girls 03


Girls 04


girls 05


Eden 01


Eden 02


Eden 03


Eden 04


Eden 05


Lilah 01


Lilah 01 B


Lilah 02


Lilah 02 B


Lilah 03


Couple 01


Couple 02


This pose she called “prom”, but I think it’s more appropriately called “engagement” and I thought I’d share it’s cheesiness with you.

So there are our pictures. I can’t believe how beautiful our girls are.

When we went to Subway later that day, a gentleman who watched us come out of Subway asked if the girls were twins, they were still in the same shirt, and today a woman mentioned how similar they looked even though she knew they were different ages.

Also, you probably noticed the red mole on Lilah’s face. It appeared about a month ago and we’ll be seeing a doctor in November about it. I have them, but they slowly become bigger where this one was just there and has gotten a little bigger than what it was.

8 Responses to “Family Pictures 2009”

  1. Sam Says:

    Such cute pictures! I love the Girls 02 picture. Eden’s face is adorable. I also like the family 02 picture. It’s too bad you didn’t get more with the white background, but the dark background still looks nice.

  2. andrea Says:

    I like girls 2 and family 2. The girls individual pictures were also very cute.

  3. Fallon Says:

    They are all so beautiful, I am going to have to check with Scott to see which ones he likes!!!!

  4. Nice Niece Says:

    Wow, those are all so adorable. When I saw the title of this post on my blog list, I was very excited…I always love your family pictures!!

  5. Elizabeth J. Says:

    Hey Lacey, it has been a while since I’ve commented, but I have been keeping up with you. Great family pictures. I think the dark background turned out great. And the girls? Adorable! I love that you guys get family pictures done every year. Anyway, I hope things are going good for you.

  6. marybrinkerhoff Says:

    O, i thought the red mole was an boo-boo. Great Pictures!

  7. Carolyn Says:

    I like family 02, matches the one I have from last year. Couple 01 is very nice of the two of you, girls 02 and the upclose ones are very nice. You decide for me. Maybe two pixs, one for home and one for work 😉

  8. mom Says:

    love all the pixs. could I get a 5×7 at least of family 02. would also like the close up of the girls #4 (Ithink)4×6 is ok.