I’m more sore today than I have been from working out.
Yesterday I was a woman on a mission. I needed to do some heavy cleaning. Really I wanted to clean because I have this one table in my living room that is cluttered. I didn’t get to it but I got a lot done in my kitchen. 🙂
I was getting a vase from a box in the hall closet that holds my rose petals and dried flowers that Jon’s gives me. Well the flowers are alive when I get them, I just dry them. I needed to put away my anniversary flowers and other ones I had hanging around from Andrea’s wedding, yes I realized it was a year ago, but I didn’t know where this vase was until recently. Anyways, I realized I had this vase and a flower decoration in one box in my hall closet. Talk about a wast of space! I decided to move the vase to above my kitchen cabinets and put the flower decoration thing in the DI pile which is now collecting on the already cluttered table in my living room. This isn’t the point though. (my cleaning is the point and yes you should be happy I cleaned.) I had this box of plastic wear on top of my fridge. Ya know plastic forks and cups along with some bowls. I moved these into a different box, because this one wouldn’t fit in my hall closet, I also collected all the other plastic cups, plates and forks in my cupboard and put them in my hall closet.
-la! More space in my cupboard and now the top of my fridge is cleared! Having the box off my fridge I decided I should clean off the mounds of dust that had gathered this past year. I did that and opened the cupboards above my fridge and realized I had nothing in them!! Well this got me thinking, what could I put in these cupboards that I wouldn’t need. I checked my other cupboard and found nice glasses from our wedding that were saving for holiday use, ya know like china but we have no china, only these glasses. I also collected silverware that we don’t need just yet, the popcorn popper, some place mats that Jon won’t let me get rid of and our other regular vases. This freed up space in my other cupboard and I was able to organize it so my toaster is not on my counter anymore and our hot drinks are in one spot! (cocoa, teas, Ovaltine)
I rested, had lunch with the girls and decided to mop my kitchen. ( I had already done a major cleaning of my kitchen counters, I needed to mop the floors.) I was going to mop just my kitchen, but if you know me I also hate mopping just one area. I then mopped my bathrooms and hall. Eden woke up and became grumpy sometime while I was mopping in front of the computer. Lilah went down for her nap and Eden got up. I had her watching a movie so I could mop the worst area. The dinning room.
I enjoyed having clean floors until I returned home last night to find out that Lilah had tried to help Eden eat her dinner, but instead the bowl of white shells and cheese dropped on the floor. Oh well. That’s what I use baby wipes for; besides my baby, I use them to clean small messes on the floor.

Today my jaw aches. I must have been clenching it while I cleaned. I noticed yesterday evening it was tired. My shoulders, arms and legs ache.
I should mention I not only mopped but used a sponge on my kitchen floor for the hard spots. After I mop I take a rag and wet it and clean small areas with it to get extra dirt and cleaner off the floors. So I mop then wipe with the rag, rinse wipe etc. Very back intensive and leg intensive since I was squatting when I cleaned with the rag. This is why I don’t mop often. It becomes a huge half day event and I get achy. (I can’t mop just one area, then the dirtiness from the other areas will get my clean floor dirty.)
Anyways I justify missing my workout for all the soreness I have. Being on your feet for 6 hours should count as a 40 minute aerobic workout, right?

If you read all this I commend you. This is mostly me being happy about all I did, even though it was just a little organizing and a lot of mopping.

Ya want to know what I’ve accomplished today?  Breakfast, this blog and watching Dumbo. I have dishes to do, but I’ve been cuddling with coughing sick girls. Really I needed the cuddles more than them. 🙂

2 Responses to “Workout”

  1. Nice neice Says:

    Way to go Lacey!
    I know just what you mean, small tasks can snowball into huge chores! Sincere congrats on getting so much done!

  2. Amber Says:

    Good job! Wanna come do my floors? They’re gross. But I can’t find most of them since there are boxes everywhere. I feel like my entire house is in chaos- cause it is. Ugg.