Craft Fair

I’ve yet to blog about this, and now might be a little too late, but I’m selling my bags at a local little craft fair. It’s just in a woman’s house, but a little publicity is still good publicity.

Sew Lacey is the name of my business and it’s tag line is: It’s Sew Lacey, but it’s so you. Jon thought of it on his way home from work once we had decided on a name. My site is, but we’re still fixing it and figuring things out, but you can see pictures of the totes I’ve made and what you can buy of mine if you go to the craft fair. The fair will also have lotions, candles, Christmas decor and plaques that are amazing. I think I might be buying my parent’s gift there. (Lotion’s are by my friend Sam and here is her site.)

I’ll only be there in the evening once Jon’s home because Eden has a fever and I don’t want to leave her with anyone.

So come by if in Vegas, and once I get my site up I’ll be doing a give-a-way for those who help get my name out, so keep you eye out for when is ready for more costumers. ( I’m excited and nervous at the same time for all that’s happening, so any positive words are welcomed. 🙂 )

The Holiday Gift and Craft Boutique

When: Thursday November 5, through Saturday November 7th.

Place: 6787 Vintage Highlands Lane, Las Vegas NV, 89110

Time: Thursday and Friday from 9am- 8pm, and Saturday 9 am- 3pm.

3 Responses to “Craft Fair”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    You’ll do great! 🙂

  2. marybrinkerhoff Says:

    They are very nice looking bags! Hopefully someone will pay $35 because I’m sure that’s what they cost you in time and material. My hair pretties take a long time to make and no one knows that. It’s sad when they sell for only $3. I wish they would sell for more because they take 30 minutes to make.

  3. Lacey Says:

    Thanks Shauntae and Mary.

    I know that $35 is what I should be charging for my time and the costs of material, it’s finding the people who will pay that, and I know people are out there, I just need to find them. (Canvas is expensive, but I think people don’t realize that.)

    There are aprons for sale there too, but way under priced. They’re marked for $25 or $30, and I’m sure she’s not making very much for them for her time and costs and I feel that my bags are marked fairly for my time and by her charging so little, since it’s her first fair too, it undercuts what I’m selling my bags for, though I know she didn’t do this on purpose she’s just trying to compete with a market who pays workers just dollars a day. I just keep saying, this is what they’re worth, and if a person doesn’t understand that, then oh well.

    I guess it still goes back to, am I willing to sell for less so I can sell what I’m making, or should I wait till I find someone who is willing to pay what I feel is fair for my time and effort?

    I didn’t know if you were selling your hair pretties or not. Maybe you do need to mark them up a little bit more so they’re worth a little more of your time, though working at home, and at your own pace is somewhat priceless.

    It’s tough trying to compete in a market where items are being manufacture from overseas for so much less.