Sweet Sister

Last year Carolyn and I hit some stores on Black Friday together. This year Jon’s aunt and uncle were staying with us just for the night, so I was unable to go out with her.

The only thing I really wanted to buy was coats for the girls and Old Navy was having a killer deal, $15 for any coat, adults included, too bad I didn’t need one. Since I couldn’t go and I didn’t know when I’d be able to leave the house since we had guest, Carolyn went for me and for herself. She was at Old Navy at 3 am and waited two hours before she even got into the store. She was able to get exactly what I wanted for Lilah, but they didn’t have the coat I wanted in Eden’s size, in any color even, so she grabbed a couple other options. She did do shopping for herself, and I’m not sure if her plan was to be there so early before I asked her to look for coats for me, but I think it’s so super sweet that she did.

I went to a different Old Navy later and found a coat for Eden, though I could not find one for Lilah, so it was totally worth her hard work, or at least perseverance.

I also bought tons of chocolate to make truffles and popcorn, which I’m looking at taking orders on if you would like to buy some, and nearly bought a Cricket just because it was so. dang. cheap. The Michael’s on Russel is not well traveled and even though it was $69.99 and you could use a 25% off coupon, they had like 10 left at 8 am, and I know they’re a hot item. I just didn’t need one, though I was tempted to buy one and see if I could make money on E-bay.

So if you want something from Michael’s on Black Friday, visit the one on Russel and Pecos. It is never busy and they always have what I’m looking for.

Also, isn’t my sister so sweet?
I don’t even know if I’d have been willing to go at 3 am. Though I stay up till 2 am lately and what’s another few hours. The young lady who checked me out at Old Navy had been awake for 33 hours. Crazy.

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