Enjoyable week

This week was super busy. I didn’t see my husband all too much, though we did manage to have two late nights this week. (one watching a movie another discussing.)
Monday was FHE. It was the one day I had no obligations. Thank goodness for family home evening.
Tuesday Lilah had dance. Britta was sick so I didn’t have to babysit. We went to dance and then I had a Healing Arts class for RS. At the class we discussed different massage techniques that we’ll learn this year and learned to use energy. Hard to explain unless you are familiar with Quantum Touch.
Wednesday my sister Kristi had a stamp party. I said I would go and got my friend Anna to go also. For some reason in public we start acting like sisters. Once home Jon and I watched Brazil, his pick. It was an interesting film dark, but funny, and really just a little strange.
Thursday I had a class for RS, but decided to stay home. I had planned on going, but I’d been so busy plus I hadn’t showered that day, so I stayed home and cuddled with Jon.
Friday I went to my parents house. My sister Carolyn was babysitting for her friend Julie. Nia is Julie’s new daughter and I hadn’t met her yet so I went up there to met her. Afterwards Carolyn and I went shopping at the mall. I needed a bridal shower gift for Saturday and shoes. Luckily I was able to get both and since it was closing time when we left I avoided Cinnabon. I was sad but happy that the temptation was taken from my lips and really never placed in my hands.
Saturday Jon was a SAHD. He made breakfast for the girls while I got ready for a bridal shower. Then off to the shower and I returned home after lunch time. I really wanted to take a nap and I kept returning to the bed, but once the girls were down for their naps I decided to get out the material for my bedroom drapes. I ironed and cut fabric. After messing with my drapes I got ready and went to my friends endowment session. So Jon was in charge of breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus he didn’t leave the house once on Saturday. 🙂
Sunday only I went to church. Eden is getting over her cough, Lilah started coughing on Wednesday and had a fever Friday, we figured it best to keep them both at home.

It was a crazy week. This week will be easier, but for some reason I still have a lot to do. Like curtains, filling, organizing.
I think I’ll try exercising. I’m doing okay just not very consistent right now in my workout routine.

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  1. andrea Says:

    I think it’s great that when you haven’t showered you can’t just put on a hat and hang out with other married ladies, but you can “cuddle” with your husband.