Day Date

A few years ago I decided to surprise Jon with an afternoon date at the end of a pretty hard semester. Since then we’ve made it a tradition to go for our monthly date as a lunch date at the end of the Fall Semester. We also go to a yummy Mexican restaurant that I can only pronounce the first name, Lindo’s, and almost anyone I talk to knows exactly what I’m talking about and can pronounce the last part, Michogcachanigans. OK that last part I made up, but it’s something that starts with a M. It’s near my old stompin grounds and even as I  felt so close to home when I was driving Jon back to work I was so far from our current home.

My good friend Beth watched the girls for me and Jon and I were able to enjoy a nice lunch together. We haven’t been on a date since… well I don’t know when, but that’s because this semester was pretty hectic for the both of us, and it seemed that watching a movie together counted as our dates because that’s all we could afford both time and money wise.

I’ve realized I’m a very set in my ways person and I love traditions, or doing the same thing over and over again. I know Jon likes to try new things, but I’m thankful that he lets me enjoy my rituals and set in my way, ways.

I love you Hunny Bunny and here’s to a couple more end of the semester lunches.

One Response to “Day Date”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    We have a Lindo’s that opened by my office, so I get to eat there more often. I LOVE that place.