Valley of Fire

Here are the pictures from our visit to Valley of Fire on the 21st. For some reason photo editing has been overwhelming to me since there are so many pictures to look through and post, so I’m starting out small.

Lilah in a cave by the visitors center.



Eden by the same cave, while Lilah ate lunch behind her.

On our way to mouses tank.

Petroglyphs you see along the trail.



I’m the King of the world.


The girls sharing a hug by some corner we found off the beaten path.



A bighorn sheep we saw when leaving the park. This is the first time we’ve seen one while at the Valley of Fire.

3 Responses to “Valley of Fire”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    Valley of Fire is such an awesome place for pictures. What was the temperature while you were there?

  2. Lacey Says:

    I plead the fifth on the temperature.

    It was cold enough that we wanted more than just a light sweat shirt jacket, but not really cold enough to warrant the snow jackets we’re wearing. I’m just a baby when it comes to being outside.

  3. marybrinkerhoff Says:

    My kids would want to eat in the cave too!

    Great pictures.