Loving the Wii

So, I just want to note that I love the Wii fit.

I am a bit obsessive checking my weight and Wii age every day, but it’s fun. I’ve been as old as 44 and as young as 20. I sometimes gain a little than the day before, but mostly I’m losing little by little. I think seeing that I’m continuing to lose, even if it’s just .2 of a pound, it’s fun and it keeps me motivated. They also have some really fun games and a way for me to do step while I watch TV, which is what I’m doing tonight. I have a show to watch but I haven’t put in my 20 minutes of walking/ bike riding on the Wii, so I’ll be stepping to the beat and hopefully it doesn’t get too annoying hearing it tick away to keep me in rhythm.

One Response to “Loving the Wii”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    Ooh, I’ve always wanted one of those!