Red Rock Gets Snow

In January Las Vegas had some weird weather. We had a week where it rained nearly everyday and I’m talking rain, not just sprinkles, and it was heavy rain throughout the whole valley.

My sister Carolyn went hiking at Red Rock right after and during this weird weather with some friends. I think it snowed on them while there and they had to walk in the stream since the rocks were too icy and they’d slip. I’m happy I skipped that week.

We went the following Saturday. It had rained in the valley on Wednesday and snowed at Red Rock and with the cold temperatures the snow was still on the ground.

Our homeschooling group had gone to Mount Charleston on Friday, and even though it had been a weak since the major snow, it was still like it had just happened that morning with how high and powdery the snow was on the Mountain.

Two days with snow was lots of fun for the girls. Unlike the day before, the snow balls they made stayed in balls and they were able to throw a few. But their gloves had gotten all dirty the day before, and my washer was still waiting to be repaired, so they had to throw snow balls with their bare hands.

It didn’t last very long.

We enjoyed a short hike to the waterfall that is usually dry. The girls got into some mischief and Lilah drove me crazy by jumping down rocks and running.


At the Waterfall.




Lilah- Notice the snow in her hand.

At the end we let the girls take a few pictures and here are some results.

Lilah’s view with the camera:


What are you doing?




Jon and me with the snowy mountain behind us.

Eden’s view with the camera:


Um..if I could see myself from this view all the time I might actually be motivated to lose weight.


Let’s try to take a picture of mom and dad. She almost got all our heads.


So we knelt down for her.


Lilah’s pretty silly in this one. I’m posting it because if you look closely we have the same facial expression, only it’s not very flattering so I’m not making it any bigger.

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  1. Nice Niece Says:

    You guys are seriously so cute! BTW, if you ever wanna visit REAL snow, you’re always welcome here. 🙂