Busy Bee

My sister moved this past weekend so Thursday I went over to her house to help watch her kids. Howard was suppose to be cleaning the other place while I was there but the night before he got a call from someone he does freelance work for and he went out instead that morning.
I hung out at her house from 8:30 till 1:30. While there I didn’t pack anything, mostly because I didn’t know what to pack but I did vacuum and clean the kitchen table and high chair. I can’t stand crumbs and they had tripled since we had muffins for breakfast.
I left at 1:30 to head over to my friend Anna’s house. I had a doctor’s appointment and had previously  arranged for her to watch the girls that day. She had tons of fun and took them to a near by park while I was gone. She took a gazillion pictures, in which I hope I get a copy of the good ones. 😉 I didn’t know exactly who would be watching my kids that night so we hung out at Anna’s house until we had to leave. Since we started Toy Story 2 while we were there Anna let us borrow it. (The girls have watched it once a day since we’ve had it.) I left Anna’s a 4 and went to my mom’s.  We stayed there until I had to get Jon from downtown Henderson, he had a conference this day. We came back to my parents and hung out until we had to go to dinner. For the conference they were having dinner at the Fiesta buffet and he was aloud to bring a guest, of course he had to pay for the guest, but it was soo much fun talking and meeting his coworkers. Since he changed his job in July he works with a new bunch of people, along with the old ones, but it was nice to met the ones I didn’t know since this was for the new job. We had a fabulous time at the buffet and stayed until 9 talking with his boss, boss’s wife and another coworker.

Friday was a little less busy driving wise.  I had volunteered to work in the temple cafeteria for that afternoon so I drove Jon to Community College in Henderson that morning. Even though that campus is twice as far it took ten minutes less than is does for us to go to UNLV, only because it’s completely on the highway to get there. The girls and I had a good morning at home and I dropped them off at the Lee’s house while I volunteered at the temple. They’re purposely understaffed so they could stay open and they need a lot of volunteers. It was me and another worker for the first part and then another volunteer who comes regularly for the majority of the time. (Really she’s the wife to the temple presidency counselor who oversees the cafeteria.) I was busy for the first three hours there. Running and serving and then trying to keep atop of the dishes. My feet became so sore because I was only wearing regular slippers on the hard tile floors there. It was crazy. Luckily we had a relaxing night at the house, though neither Jon or I were up to playing with the girls. He had a headache and I had/have a sinus infection. The girls were a bit neglected Friday night.

Saturday we dyed Easter eggs at my parents. Jon helped my sister Kristi moved and Carolyn came over to my parents to help dye eggs. It was crazy. We had three different kits because the first kits my mom bought was strange. You put the eggs in a bag and then put drops of the dye on it. We sent her to the store and she came back with a normal kit and one where you had glitter. It used dye in a cup but there was oil in it to make spots or swirl type patterns on the eggs. Again very weird. I like the good ole Pals egg dye with regular vinegar and water. I find that the eggs dye nicely and they don’t get a sticky feel to them later. It was chaos dying eggs. Lilah spilled dye a couple of times and I dropped about four eggs. The chaos was too much and so I took no pictures. I was busy doing damage control and being controlling
I’m glad we dye eggs only once a year.

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