Easter Celebrations

Like past years the girls and I had many different Easter activities. We dyed eggs with their cousins on the Wednesday night before Easter and enjoyed pizza at my moms house. I forgot my camera, so those memories will have to be in my head.

April 1 we attended Carolyn’s work Easter party. The girls dyed eggs, decorated cupcakes, colored bunny ears and hunted for eggs. We then had to check the plastic eggs for ants since Lilah remembered having ants coming out of her eggs from the previous year. This year we only found three ants. I forgot my camera once more, but borrowed Carolyn’s work camera, so I’ll get those pictures when she has time.

We then had an Easter Egg hunt on Friday with our unschooling group. The girls had lots of fun finding eggs and playing with their friends. I loved sitting and talking with the other moms, and once more forgot my camera.

This year Jon and I thought it would be fun to dye some eggs using natural dye. We treated it kinda like a science experiment and had the girls write down what colors they thought the spinach, carrots, pomegranate and blueberries would dye the eggs. They guessed the standard green, orange, red, and blue. We had done a little research, but not enough, so they turned interesting colors, but not at all what we expected. Since I found a blog that describes exactly what they did, we’ll now be prepared to use natural egg dye more successfully next year. (The spinach was basically the color I thought it would be, the carrots we used were baby, so they didn’t have their peel and did not work at all, then we should have cooked the blueberries, and pomegranates were just something we had on hand.)

The Easter Bunny brought the girls some fun stuff: movies, little notepads, and most importantly candy. I got the crazy idea to make the girls some skirts for Easter. I figured out my own pattern, basically 6 rectangles sewn together, and made them each their own tiered skirt. Since I was unable to work on them during the week as much as I would have liked, I stayed up till 3 am finishing them Easter morning. Lilah’s Easter dress didn’t fit, which I suspected would happen and why I decided to make the skirts. Lilah wore her skirt Easter Sunday and Eden wore her Easter dress. After staying up till 3 am sewing I decided my house was a mess so I tidied up a little and went to bed at 3:30 am. Luckily it was General Conference Weekend, so I only had to be up and not up and dressed for church.

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs inside the house so the girls found those and then went outside. This year we let the girls eat as much candy as they wanted on Easter Sunday, then they got to keep 7 pieces to eat later and we tossed the rest. Eden ate all her candy, but Lilah was very distracted with other things and ate very little of her candy, so I gave her till Monday night to eat all she wanted.

Sunday we had dinner at my parents house and another egg hunt with the Kemple cousins.

Lilah has declared Easter her favorite holiday and really enjoyed it all. I loved Easter but did not like all the hard boiled eggs we had since we dyed eggs three times.

I loved hiding the eggs and making it a little more difficult and I loved watching the girls grow. How they change so much in just a short year.

One Response to “Easter Celebrations”

  1. Sara Says:

    I love the easter pictures and the skirt you made Lilah. Way cute. I must say I was slightly shocked to see that you “tossed” candy. My mother-in-law says it’s a sin to throw food away and I think the only time I agree with her is when it comes to candy. Next time, please remember that I will gladly take any candy off your hands. My dentist and I thank you!
    PS. I love the natural dyed eggs. Very nice colors!