The Great Spanking Debate!

So I spank my girls.

I don’t spank them, but I spank them. Like I say, “Spank, spank!” as I pat their bottoms. Sometimes I pinch and grab them too. I’ve realized I do this because their bum is their final body part that continues to remind me of them as a baby. Sure it’s not nearly as chubby, but it’s the only thing that remotely has any chub on it, since they’re getting so big.

Recently Lilah seemed to become embarrassed when I spanked her. It would be just us, as in the four people of our family, and she’d be all “Hey you spanked me in front of everyone. Don’t do that.” Sure it was in a slightly whiny joking voice, but it seemed to have a ring of “Please stop spanking me, I’m getting to big for it.” So I told Lilah I would stop spanking her if she stopped spanking me. Believe me, the spanking is not one sided. There have been many times when I’m in making sandwiches or cooking in the kitchen and a little girl decides to start spanking me, sometimes two little girls at the same time. Sometimes, I was grateful I was using a sharp knife so I could tell them to stop.

So I stopped spanking Lilah as long as she not spank me, and if either of us slip, the other gets to spank us back.

Jon thought this was genius. He told me how he thought Lilah was growing up and becoming aware of her body and that’s why she wanted her bum left alone. But he thought the part that was genius was my deal that if she spanked me I get to spank her, so she controls the play spanking, and then can allow herself to be a part of the more child like play if she wants.

Really, I just didn’t want to be spanked anymore, and if I didn’t get to spank her, she didn’t get to spank me.

I thought it was the only fair way to end the great spanking debate.

2 Responses to “The Great Spanking Debate!”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    I agree with Jon. You’re a genius and you didn’t even know it! 😀

  2. Jonathan Blake Says:

    It really is an amazing display of instinctual parenting genius. Now Lilah has control and can decide whether or not to get spanked. Brilliant!