Weekend of Firsts

So this weekend we did something we’ve yet to do as a family.

We went to Disneyland!

And we had lots of fun, so much that Jon is considering going back, in 3-4 years rather than…… never.

We also went to the beach and the girls saw the ocean for the first time! They also played in it because it was a nice windy day with a high of 70 and freezing water. I did not go in, except my feet a couple times, so thankfully Jon went in with them and they had lots of fun until the tide started coming in.

I also did not go to church on Mother’s Day. I’m a little bummed about it, but only because Eden has yet to sing me my Mother’s Day song, Lilah has sung to me many times.

I just wanted to let you know what we were up to this weekend. I’ll have to upload the pictures and do a full post later.

Just know it was lots of fun. Carolyn spent 99% of her money on food, the girls only bought candy as souvenirs, and Jon has a nice Tinkerbell mug for work.

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