Hogle Zoo Pictures!

So a long time ago I thought my computer screen was going out, I’m pretty sure it still is, but for now it works, but the brightness is still bright. I went on a photo posting hiatus because of my screen, and my sheer laziness to upload and edit photos, but I decided that I’d post some anyways, and would just crop them, so the brightness might be off, but at least there are photos!


The girls and me at the Zoo!


Comparing ourselves to gorillas.


He was looking right at the girls. I could have sat and watched him for much longer, but everyone else wanted to move one.



Lots of standing and looking. This was Jon’s view of the Zoo.


Open your eyes on three! I was trying to not get squinty eyes, I guess it worked, kinda.


The awkward bighorn sheep. I totally thought it was a goat of some sort because it did not look like the bighorn sheep I know, or even like the one they had pictured.



After the bird show with the bald eagle.


The cool owl after the bird show.


The mama and baby elephant!


None of the other carousel pictures turned out, and you could argure neither did this one, but I love ladybugs so Jon took my picture with the ladybug carousel seat.

2 Responses to “Hogle Zoo Pictures!”

  1. Mother of the Wild Boys Says:

    You look so gorgeous in these pictures!

  2. Emelie Says:

    That looks like such fun! I’ve so been wanting to go to the Hogle Zoo! Never been there. Now I definitely want to go!