A letter

Dear People Who Still Read my Blog,

I’m not sure you’re out there, but eh, I haven’t been either. This week my children have been sick, which has forced me to stay home, which has helped me clean and get my house back to order. There are still things to do, when is there not, but I’m happy to say if you came over right now, my bathrooms are clean. Yay!

I’ve also made peanut butter, ground wheat, and indulged in two episodes of a show I can’t watch because Nova is on at the same time. (All in the same day, as in today when I also cleaned my bathrooms.) I want to just say, I love my Vitamix.

I used a pumice stone on my toilet today. A friend mentioned it for those pesky rings that stay because you don’t clean your toilet often enough, or really I’m convinced there is something in little kid pee, because ours gets cleaned at the same time and they have never developed in our toilet. I’m happy to report it worked, so now my toilet looks clean, rather then continuing to look icky because of those pesky ring stains.

I’ve even showered today. So that’s telling you I’ve done a lot.

So I’m actually getting ready for this weekend in a way. I have a couple meetings about homeschooling to attend, a fund raiser, choir, and a hot date with Jon. Not to mention baking five pies and rolls for an early Thanksgiving meal with Jon’s family on Saturday.

I think I will now put our flannel sheets on the bed. I put the girl’s on last week, and Jon has been patient with me. I washed them and they’re just waiting in the dryer to be put on, but for some reason I haven’t found the time in two days, but neither has he. I think the day has come, but that might be because I’ll be doing some laundry tonight.

Man, it’s nice to get stuff done.

Lacey- Who has been a really lame blogger, housekeeper, and homeschooling mother.

2 Responses to “A letter”

  1. Nice niece Says:

    I might have to look into this Vitamix!

  2. Emelie Says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂