Smart Child

One of my favorite Christmas conversations happened on Christmas Eve. It was just my parents, Carolyn and Derek, and my little family so we all sat at the formal dinning table. There was a conversation going on about nuts and seeds, and what my sister Carolyn is allergic to and what my father is allergic too. They started talking about tree nuts compared to ground nuts and I mentioned how I wasn’t sure what ones were tree nuts. Lilah replied, “Mom they’re nuts that grow on trees.” in a very matter-of-fact way. We all busted up laughing after hearing her comment and I was totally put in my place by my 7 year old.

Too bad I’m still not sure which nuts are tree nuts and which are ground nuts. I know a few, but only because I’ve seen a pecan tree, an almond tree and know peanuts grow in the ground.

If only she knew the full answer I needed.

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