weekend horrors

So this weekend was interesting, besides the grocery store I had even more fun on Saturday.
I had just washed my hands and was drying them when my wedding and engagement rings came off, the engagement ring went next to the toilet and the wedding band went down the drain of our sink. It doesn’t have a drain stopper, the previous owners must have lost it, and we haven’t bought one, so I lot my ring down the drain. It has some diamonds on it, but I was grateful that it was it not my engagement ring that went down. I’ve lost weight in my hands since we’ve been married, coupled with losing weight since the baby, and the winter months which cause smaller hands, so the rings slip off. I usually wear them on my right hand, because that finger is slightly bigger, but I accidentally put them on my left hand Saturday. So we had to get our only wire hanger, which holds Jon’s ties, and try to get it down the drain. When Jon had taken off the whatever you call it, curve pipe part, it wasn’t in there, so we had to push it down the drain. We had lots of gunk down there. It was disgusting! So we did get it back. Yay! Anyways after we were done getting the rings we noticed what Lilah was doing. Playing on the bed with the ties.
She actually was also standing on the bed and throwing them up in the air, but she decided she just wanted to sit when we started taking pictures.

I swear she is happy in this picture.

Jon decided to keep taking pictures of her after the ties were cleaned up.

This was just so Eden wasn’t feeling left out. She’s amazed with mouths, as most babies are at some point.

So that was Saturday. Jon also wanted me to post about Lilah’s “Mommy has a poopy finger” comment. Which I don’t really want to remember this for the rest of my life, but hopefully some soon to be mother or already mother will get a laugh out of it.
Jon had just changed Lilah’s diaper and was about to take it to the toilet to flush the poop. (We’ve started this routine for two reasons- 1) to show Lilah that poop goes in the toilet for when we really start to potty train her. 2) because if the poop is in a flushable state- ie. not to runny but a regular…. how do you say… firmness, we flush it to help the room not smell like poopy diapers. It really has made playing in their room much more enjoyable.) Anyways, Jon was going to flush it so I was taking over and had the new diaper in my hands and I started to put in under Lilah’s bum and my right pointer finger ran into the poop. Jon simultaneously realized the poop was not in the diaper anymore. I think the open diaper had blocked my view of the poop, so until I ran into it I didn’t see it. So I had to go wash my hands, and Lilah made the comment that “Mommy has a poopy finger.” Jon thought it was hilarious. I still can’t eat with my right hand. Well I can and have, but it was gross.

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  1. Amber Says:

    ha ha, poopy finger. (yucky!) I’m glad you’re adding pictures. Makes it better.