One busy day.

Today was busy.

I got up extra early for my Stake Relief Society’s woman’s conference. (6:45 am, and I don’t wake up till 8:30 am at the earliest, unless I have to.) They let us choose different classes or attending the temple. I chose to do temple sealings. I wasn’t able to proxy as a wife, but I did proxy as a daughter to a couple that may have been younger than me, or was right about my age. Then we had a wonderful speaker, Elder James B. Gibson of the area 70. I then raced out to get the lunch they were serving with my friend Sam, so I could leave early and met Jon and the girls.

Because, while I was having my fun, Jon took the girls to Science Saturday at the Natural History museum. They packed a lunch and we all met at the Springs Preserve so we could catch the 1 o’clock show of the Wings over the Springs, where they have a raptor bird show going on till the end of January on the weekends. This was the second time we’ve seen it and the girls love it.

Right before the show we spotted Jon’s sister Annie, she was there with her son’s boy scout troop, so Lilah ran up and said hi to her. I loved seeing Annie’s face as she realized who Lilah was, since seeing her was out of place and it took a second for her to recognize her. We enjoyed the show and then got to talk to Annie afterwords.

Then we tried to watch a lizard feeding, but there were hoards of people. Thankfully we have an annual pass and can come another day and hopefully see them feed ’em, since it’s only scheduled on the weekends. If not, it’s OK since we see it happen quite often at the museum.

For fun we paid to see a behind the scenes clinic of the animals. It was so much fun. We got to see the various animals they have there, since they have multiples of them and rotate the ones on display. It was our little family, plus one other family in our group. They had a little boy, only 2 or so, who wanted to hold all the tarantula’s, vinegaroons, and scorpions. Of course he wasn’t able to since the animals are wild, but she did let us hold something at the very end.



(I’m not sure if they regularly let you hold the cockroach, or if it was just our guide and the cute little boy enticing her to let him hold something. It was a giant hissing cockroach. They breed it and feed the babies to the animals.)

The tour was really fun, and I think it was very worth the $3 per person. ($5 if you’re not a annual pass member.) We did it because we thought Lilah would love it, and she did.

After the tour we did some more exploring and saw them feed the cottontail rabbits and the fox. The fox didn’t come out, but hopefully we’ll get to see him another time out and about. He’s usually sleeping in his den, which has glass, but it’s always more fun to see the animals moving and not just sleeping.

After the Springs Preserve Eden and I went grocery shopping. We all ate dinner and then enjoyed Planet 51 on Netflix. The girls were really into it when they watched it earlier this week and wanted us to watch it with them.

Now it’s bed time.

Yeah, it was a pretty busy day.

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  1. Nice Niece Says:

    What a fun day! And I lOVE the picture of you with the cockroach!!! 😀