100 more…. but about Jon

My husband and I had a conversation last night. It was about him knowing at least 100 things about me. I told him he needed to recite the list and his reply was that he didn’t know their would be a pop quiz. Some how the challenge of whether or not I know 100 things about him came up. I then started listing things and he said I should right them down if I wanted them to count. So here are 100 things about my husband.

1. Jon has lived in Las Vegas his whole life.
2. Jon has 7 siblings. He’s third from the youngest.
3. Jon’s best man at our wedding was Jason, his younger brother who has down syndrome.
4. Watching  The Electric Company helped him learn to read.
5. He learned to swim at 16.
6. He never got his eagle scout.
7. He has three adopted siblings.
8. Jon’s first major in college was mechanical engineering.
9. Jon’s graduating major was computer engineering.
10. He went on a mission to Rochester New York.
11. He went on a trip to the sacred grove while in high school.
12. Jon went and graduated from Western High school, as well as all his older siblings.
13. Jon took German in high school. (I think, he’ll call me on it if I’m wrong.)
14. Jon took weightlifting in high school and was pretty buff if he dare says.
15. Jon played viola in high school
16. He was first chair viola his senior year in all state orchestra. (I think, either that or at his school.)
17. The main food Jon knew how to cook in high school was scrabbled eggs. When his father had a heart attack he feed the grandkids scrabbled eggs for a week until his dad was out of the hospital and his mom was back home.
18. One time a neighbor boy came to his doorstep naked wanting to play.
19. Lacey was Jon’s first kiss.
20. Jon only had one real girlfriend before dating Lacey.
21. Jon went to Redrock elementary.
22. Jon took 10 years to graduate college. He had no motivation to graduate till he got married. He was on his mission for 2 of those years.
23. Jon loves to read.
24. His favorite series of books as a kid are by Joe Dever.
25. He currently works with a team of volunteers to put Joe Dever’s book online.
26. Jon does not affiliate with any political party.
28. Jon use to be a Republican.
29. Jon use to be a Mormon.
30. Jon is a naturalist.
31. Jon has no favorite color, but his wife likes him in blue.
32. Jon has no favorite food, but he most often likes fish a restaurants.
33. Jon does not like sports but will watch them with Lilah.
34. Jon likes to play and spend time with his girls.
35. Jon is even tempered.
36. Jon wants to hike the grand canyon with his family.
37. Jon doesn’t want to go to Italy.
38. Jon likes learning toys for his girls.
39. Jon doesn’t like Wal-mart for political reasons.
40. Jon thought Lacey was cute from the first time he saw her, even though she was under age. πŸ™‚
41. Jon has never gambled.
42. Jon puts the toilet set down.
43. Jon has a crazy tie collection from his mission.
44. Jon has a crazy shirt collection from his mission. Most are unapproved by his wife and will become a quilt eventually.
45. Jon is an excellent writer.
46. Jon knows a lot of two dollar words and even five dollar ones. πŸ™‚
47. Jon is very good at math.
48. Jon has shared a room his whole life, except the few days when he stayed at our apartment before we were married.
49. Jon is a good money saver.
50. Jon has about 100 CD’s, or a least a lot.
51. Jon is a lover of almost all music, though his favorite band is Jethro Tull.
52. Jon was introduced to Jethro Tull while on his mission by another missionary.
53 Jon had three mission presidents while on his mission.
54. Jon had many pets growing up. One was as dog named Blackie who was protective of him.
55. Jon become an uncle at the rip old age of 3.
56. Jon types very well and fast.
57. Jon tries to teach his stubborn wife typing shortcuts but she’s stubborn.
58. Jon wants to retire before he dies. πŸ™‚
59. Jon wants to adopt a child or two someday.
60. Jon enjoys gardening.
61. Jon enjoys the outdoors.
62. Jon cooks wonderful omelets.
63. Jon mostly cooks breakfast foods and bread.
64. Jon doesn’t like cooked carrots.
65. Jon helps his wife by doing dishes.
66. If you ask Jon to do something and you’re perfectly capable of doing it he it won’t do it, or won’t like doing it.
67. Jon wasn’t ticklish until Lacey tickled him.
68. Jon likes to buy tools. Something we didn’t do until we got a house.
69. Jon likes mowing with a push mower.
70. Jon thinks global warming is a crock.
72. Jon sleeps mostly on his belly.
73. Jon wakes up early now that’s he’s old. πŸ™‚
74. Jon enjoys doing yoga.
75. Jon never wants to be in a management position.
76. Jon took Latin in college.
77. Jon has a Qur’an
78. Jon collected bottle caps for a time.
79. Jon has long toes.
80. Jon likes his wife the best.
81. Jon didn’t use his AC when driving alone before he dated Lacey, unless it was really hot.
82. Jon worked at a machinist type shop that built a few robots when in college.
83. Jon had a some smarty pants scholarship when he first started college.
84. Jon has 15 credits towards a masters degree.
85. Jon enjoys working in the higher education system.
86. Jon reads a lot of different blogs daily. He introduced his wife to Bloglines
87. Jon shaves with a straight edge safety razor.
88. Jon is 5’6
89. Jon is the shortest man in his family, and mine.
90. Jon fold clothes for his wife.
91. Jon lets Lacey hog the bed.
92. Jon gets Monday headaches. Sometimes other days of the week also.

93. Jon likes to listen to KNPR public radio.
94. Jon likes it when his wife sings to their daughters
95. Jon doesn’t like to make small talk.
96. Jon likes to take photographs of his girls.
97. Jon likes to brake the sex barriers by letting his girls have boy pajama’s
98. Jon got married when he was 26.
99. Jon loves hugs from his girls when he comes home.
100. Jon doesn’t like American cars. Subaru is his favorite car maker.

So I did it. I was able to list 100 things about my husband, unless I’m wrong a on a couple. Oh well.
I love you honey!

4 Responses to “100 more…. but about Jon”

  1. Green Oasis » 100 Things I Love About Lacey Says:

    […] one-upmanship, here are 100 (give or take a few) things I love about my wife, Lacey, in response to her list of 100 things about me. Note that I’ve upped the ante by making it things that I love about her and making it 118 […]

  2. Jonathan Blake Says:

    I was only first chair viola in the high school orchestra, and Lacey wasn’t my first kiss, depending on how you count these things. Overall, an impressive effort. πŸ™‚

  3. Lacey Says:

    Well, as I thought about it I remembered you were first chair at your school, and it sounded good that you were first chair in all state, were you second?
    Second, your first kiss was a dare, even though she was a girlfriend at the time of the dare.
    Here’s my replacement for missing one.
    Jon was the once who suggested homeschooling because he doesn’t like the direction public education is heading.

    There. 100 things about Jon

  4. Nice neice Says:

    This was great…good job Lacey! I think I will try listing things about Nick, he said he doesn’t think there are 100 things about him! But first, here are more things about Jon:
    1. He is a gentleman…he always opened my car door for me when we carpooled.
    2. He also always turned on the AC in his car for me when we carpooled.
    3. Jon and I always ate pistachios together after church when we were at the singles ward
    4. Jon convinced all of us neices and nephews that he had a friend who was a mouse, who lived in the wall behind the house, and only came out to see Jon.
    5. Jon was called Jonathan for most of his life. I still have to think about it before calling him Jon.
    6. Jon took on lots of adult responsibilities as a child, and did a great job looking out for all of us.
    7. Jon once had a mullet. (was it in Jr. High?)
    8. Jon and I went to see Star Wars episode one in the theater together about 8 or 9 times.
    9. Jon traveled with me, Nick, and my dad to Palmyra New York in 2000.
    10. Jon is kind, intelligent, a good father, a great husband (as far as I can tell), a caring uncle, a concerned citizen, and has a great dry sense of humor, which I love!

    Much love, Shauntae