Cheap or inventive?

I let my girls fold and put away their own laundry. This is a good and bad thing. One, it’s good because I don’t have to do it. Two their clothes aren’t really folded nicely, so they always look like they’re wearing wrinkled clothes from the clothes hamper. And three, even though we have the drawers somewhat organized, they can still never seem to find what they need at times, like a matched pair of socks or even underwear on some occasions.

The girls each have two large drawers. One drawer is the regular clothes, shirts and pants, not a big deal, the other drawer is the underwear, socks, tights, undershirts, and pajama drawer. Lets just say socks and underwear get lost and it becomes a really big jumbled mess.

With my bringing out of the Spring clothes, just in time for it to get cold again might I add, I wanted to get things a little more organized and into actual compartments in their drawers. I thought I might buy some plastic containers to put in the drawers, for socks and underwear, then my friend Sam mentioned I could buy some drawer things to split the area, or make compartments. I thought I’d buy some, if I knew where to get them since I hadn’t seen them before, and mentioned it to Jon. Of course being the thrifty, waste not want not, kind of guy he mentioned that I should just use cardboard.


I wasn’t too hot on this idea, but then I figured it was in their drawer, which only we see, I did have a big vacuum box I needed to recycle, and the final nail in the coffin, for two things, it was $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I needed 3 sets for the four drawers, so I would have needed to spend $60, and that seems silly when I got the dresser for free.

So I went to work making my ghetto fabulous drawer compartments, and I’m hoping it helps keep things a little more in order. Sure, they look cheesy, but hey, they get the job done and it only took a couple hours of cutting cardboard and taping them so they’d stay together, and not get cardboard bits everywhere.

So am I cheap or inventive? I think a little of both.

What I could have done for $60:


What I did for pennies, since the tape did cost me something.:



3 Responses to “Cheap or inventive?”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    Totally inventive! We MUST be cut from the same mold…my boys have shoeboxes in their drawers that hold socks. 🙂

  2. Adriana Benitez Says:

    It’s the smartest way to go! If you want it to look nicer you could always decoupage cutouts or some paper on there, but I don’t think it really matters.

  3. Anna Says:

    I just use shoe boxes. 🙂

    Considering the fact that you have extras lying around, what an evil way to deal with them.