Good Friends

So lately I’ve been spending lots of time with my friend Anna. We’ve just begun the sewing adventure that is costuming a play and so far I think we’ve only been annoyed with one another one or two times, maybe more for her….

Besides the shopping and planning for costumes, we also see each other on Mondays, since she teaches musical theater for my home-schooling co-op. I think her son is finally liking me, though it’s only when mommy is around. It’s amazing how little we saw of one another for a while, since we were both stay-a-home-moms and had nothing to do. Yeah, we were both pretty busy for the first 5 months of Alex’s life, and have finally started seeing one another regularly again. (I mean we saw each other, but not nearly as much as we use to see each other.)

Well, yesterday Anna had me come over to help with some of the costume stuff. I often don’t know how much of a “help” I am, since we have a tendency to talk and debate things, and talk. So yeah, I’m sure it’s more entertaining, but I’m also pretty sure it takes more time to have me “help” her. I often end up taking care of Alex, so I guess I’m at least helping in that way.

At first I didn’t want to head over to her house because it was her husband’s birthday, and as a school teacher he gets home early. She was saying we had at least an hour to do stuff before he got home, so I went over, since I’d be returning to an empty home for the evening, because Jon was on a work trip, and I didn’t really want to go home anyways.

We got a few things done, then Kevin came home. I was not wanting to hang out too late, so my plan was just till around 5, then I’d go so they could enjoy themselves. Since Anna knew Jon was gone she asked if I wanted to stay for dinner, but I didn’t want to intrude, so I said no. Then eventually she mentioned it to Kevin, and the girls and I ended up staying for dinner.

We ate outside then took a walk to a park near their house. This was to let the girls play, but also to get baby Alex asleep. We stayed till just before sunset and headed back to their house. Then it was time to pack up and go, after purchasing tickets for a play we’d be going to with them. Right before I left, Kevin gave a very sincere, “Lacey you are always welcome in our home.” and I no longer felt like an intruder upon their evening.

It’s funny because I welcome people coming into my house, but for some reason it can be harder going to a friend’s house. I guess it was more the spending time with them while the spouse is there, even if I’m friends with the spouse, I don’t want to be the 3rd wheel bringing along some spares. It was a good evening and I’m sure it was fun for the girls. They played outside, we all played Sorry while Kevin barbecued, and there wasn’t a grumpy mom in sight.

Once home, Eden went right to bed and Lilah and I stayed up waiting for Jon’s call. It was a little late that night since he had gone out with his co-workers, so we both got to spend the night in good company, even if it was separated from one another’s company.

I enjoyed my evening with Anna, Kevin, and baby Alex, and look forward to spending time with them and Jon, sans kids, in a couple weeks for our double date.

It’s nice to have good friends.

One Response to “Good Friends”

  1. Anna Says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Honestly, I can’t say that I remember being annoyed. Sorry if I get to you. I’m such a pain.

    Hooray for non-grumpy moms and grilled steaks.