Wednesday is my day off, that was until I registered Eden into a dance class and until I had to go shopping for costume stuff, but before that it was my day off from running errands and going places. It was the day the girls and I stayed home and did things around the house, the day we might actually get some school work done and the day I didn’t have to shower or leave my house.

Today I realized I really like having Wednesdays off.

I was going to go to the park today, but the rain kept me home. I was suppose to take Eden to her dance class, but I forgot until I looked at the clock at 11:26 and realized it had started 11 minutes earlier, because I had been so preoccupied that morning trying to find a 2′ x 3′ magnetic white erase board that didn’t cost tons of money, and would ship in 1-2 days, rather than 1-2 months.

So instead of being busy outside of the house, we were busy inside the house.

The girls did some school stuff while I did some searching on the internet.
I did the dishes and actually started the dishwasher.
I read the girls books and Lilah wrote two really long stories in her creative writing book.
I baked some frozen cookie dough for a treat, and Eden reminded me this was “no treats” week.
We played math Bingo.
We got rid of some old art projects and hung up some new ones.
Lilah vacuumed the floor for me.

Now we’re relaxing for just a moment before I have to go help my MIL get her car from the shop. Then hopefully I can get home early enough to cook a home-made meal and we can enjoy some corn on the cob with our dinner.

I really like my day off. I’ve got to make sure I get one of these days at least once a week. It helps me feel accomplished and ready to do more, rather than be stressed about the mess or all the chaos that is life.

2 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. andrea Says:

    I don’t know which is crazier, a “no treats week” or that Eden reminded you. Did you eat the cookies anyways?

  2. Lacey Says:

    We did eat them. Mostly, I get so tired of hearing, “I ate my lunch can I have a piece of candy?”, or just the constant begging for candy and ice cream. Like every. stinken. day. So I institute “no treat days”, or this case week. Though I haven’t been good at enforcing it in some ways, like baking cookies, they girls haven’t been obsessed with getting a treat every afternoon. I don’t mind treats, what I hate is the having to explain when I tell them no. Like, “No you may not have a treat because you already had one,” or “No, we’re having something special later tonight.” It’s the begging and whining if I say no that bugs me, and caused me to say no more treats for the week. Though they whine whenever I say no, so maybe I should institute a no whining week. I’m thinking tape would be really good to have handy that week.