July Highlights

For half of July we were on a trip, so it was so hard to keep track of fun things that were said or done. I hope to keep better track during August.


Wanting emergency information in case we forget about you and get lost while we’re camping. “Maybe I’ll tell someone my address and they can take me home.”

Writing in your journal for our trip.

Working hard on your Junior Ranger badges at each park.

Walking around camp and getting dirty.

Finally getting to use your poncho on our last day at Glacier while we were at the Many Glacier area. For any little rain drop you had wanted to use it, but we always made you wait and it would stop raining. This time it not only rained, but it hailed while we were hiking back to the shelter of the lodge.

‘Well since they’re domesticated they live in stables and might need to be kept warm.” You said this while talking about ponchos for horses with your dad.


While visiting a cemetery in Monroe you said, “I bet some people in there were killed by wild animals.”

Drawing pictures of different lakes on our stop.

Saying, “That’s so beautiful,” to all the new sights we saw.

Working hard on your Junior Ranger badges at each park.

I put the cupcakes for your birthday on the counter, so the frosting wouldn’t be so hard from being in the fridge. While waiting for Lilah to finish her dinner I was checking e-mail, then I turn around to see you eating a cupcake before we had a chance to sing happy birthday to you! Daddy let you have two cupcakes, the one you had already started to eat and the one we had your candles in while we sang to you.


Changing your underwear while in my sleeping bag. Gross!

Working hard on your Junior Ranger badges at each park.

Growing a beard during our vacation, and now keeping it. I still get poked by your whiskers when we kiss.

One Response to “July Highlights”

  1. andrea Says:

    I love that Lilah knows the importance of knowing her contact information. Some of those people likely were killed by wild animals, so that’s a great observation on Eden’s part (it made me laugh, if I remember to tell Brien he’ll say “Those kids are funny.”) Concerning Jon, that’s why Brien doesn’t let people borrow his sleeping bags. It was great having you here!