My sister Andrea has finally announced to the blogger world that she’s pregnant!
In a very subtle way. Quote “36. He will make a great dad come this October.
She’s due October 29th. I’m sad they live in Ely. We won’t know the baby very well but once we get a second car I may take during the week trips to see the baby, that is if she’s a stay at home mom, otherwise I guess I’d be babysitting while she’s at work.
I do envy that she’ll be able to enjoy the cool Ely air in the summer rather than a terribly hot Las Vegas air summer while being pregnant, we’re suppose to get to 94 degrees this weekend and it’s only April, but I do think it’s funny that she’ll be pregnant for Carolyn’s wedding this August. This will mean that someone has been pregnant for three out of the four Harvey girl’s weddings. Kristi was pregnant at both mine and Andrea’s wedding.
I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy Andrea!

This was announced earlier to the blogger world but Andrea had kept it off her blog until now.

One Response to “Pregnant”

  1. andrea Says:

    Actually, the due date is Oct. 20th. I will not be avoiding the heat completely because we have a wedding the middle of August in Las Vegas, that means there will also be a bridal shower to draw me down south. I’m not excited about the temperature.