So here is a cute story of Lilah. Jon and Lilah went outside to see if our mailbox lock was fix and to see the Christmas lights. She saw the moon and tried to reach out and physically touch the moon, and said “We probably get a ladder.” Daddy said it was to high for a ladder even. The she said she would need grandpa’s ladder. Still it was too far away. We told her we’d need a rocket to go to the moon. Jon enjoyed her thinking of getting a ladder and then getting grandpa Harvey’s ladder because it’s taller then ours. Really we only have a step stool. She’s just too cute.

Now a story that makes me laugh. Imagine you just woke up and then a strange person who is fifteen times your size, and quite loud comes in and says hello, picks you up out of your bed, and then places you and a table. Wouldn’t you cry? That’s what Eden did when my brother Glenn went in to get her while he was here. She’d just woken up and he said “Hello Eden” in a loud voice and found out she needed a diaper change once he picked her up, so he put her on the changing table and she started to cry. I think the stranger anxiety stage is starting. Though I think part of the problem was she wasn’t expecting a loud, large man to come into her room, since the last time she saw him was about a month ago, and pick her up after her nap. Plus Jon and I are small not, soft spoken, just not loud people. He’s only 5’6 and 135lbs, I’m 5’4 and 125 lbs, and my brother is 6’+ and 200+ lbs. I think she was more startled then anything. She was happier after I held her and changed her diaper and went to him fine. I think it was just the initial shock.

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