The other night at bedtime Lilah started asking why we only have two kids and the Lee’s have so many. I told her they had six and she asked why don’t we have six kids. It’s funny because I use to want six kids, now I’m like three or four is good for me. We explained that our family just hadn’t grown yet and that Mommy and Daddy would have another baby someday. We asked her what she wanted a little sister or brother and she said brother.  So I guess I’m bound to have a boy sometime, Lilah and Jon both think we’ll have a boy, and then there’s always my fortune.
I think the development of her brain is interesting. Her realizing the difference in size of our family and wanting to have more kids. Really I think she just wants more kids to play with.
She asks questions about everything nowadays. She use to sit complacently in front of the TV and watch movies now she’s asking why about everything that occurs in the movies. It’s great to know she’s observing and wanting to understand her world around her but annoying when you were planning on reading your lesson for church while the kids were babysat by the TV.

2 Responses to “Kids”

  1. amber Says:

    I was watching some kids the other day and the four year old asks questions constantly. She asked me, ‘sister price, why do you have four kids?’ I responded, ‘I ask myself that same question at least a dozen times a day.’ I don’t know that she appreciated the response.

  2. Andrea Says:

    I like Amber’s comment. I think the questioning phase has the potential to be bothersome, but it’s fun. If you can keep her talking to you while she is younger perhaps she won’t close you out so much as a teenager.