Family Vacation 2011- Part 7

Anna and Kevin had church to attend, so we went to the park solo on Sunday, July 17th. Anna had given us a map and circled what sites she thought we should see, and I so wish I could find it because it would help me identify some of our pictures and remind me what we saw.

We started the day seeing a moose! Which I totally loved because it was the one animal I wanted to see. It was a female moose, but it was still totally fun to see a moose.

We drove the “Going to the Sun Road,” which is the only road that goes through the park, but it also goes over the mountains. It is an awesome road, where you drive along side the cliff of the mountains, and it offered some beautiful sites.

When we first drove the road, we were in awe of all the waterfalls and views.

As we drove the road we made some stops. Logan Pass Visitor’s Center was one. It’s the highest point in the park, and it had huge snow piles on it still. Right by the visitor’s center we also saw mountain goats.

We stopped at Blackfoot Glacier lookout, where we got to see, and know we were seeing, our first glacier. There are several in the park, but it was hard to know what were just snow covered mountain tops and what were glaciers. (Side note, the glaciers are predicted to melt down to just snow fields by 2020 so go visit soon, because then they’ll just be snow.)

After we made the whole trip through the park, we stopped at the St. Mary’s Visitor’s center and then drove back and decided to take a hike. We hiked to Virginia Falls, which was a beautiful hike and one I highly recommend. (It starts as St. Mary’s Falls and then you continue one to Virgina Falls.)

After the hike, which we had our car unlocked for the whole time but nothing was stolen or taken, we drove on back with a just a couple more stops, such as McDonald’s Lodge, and whatever took our fancy.

It was a fun day. We ended it with dinner at the cabin and more talking. We played Uno on a few different occasions, so this may have been one of those nights, or Anna and I may have gone grocery shopping, I’m not sure, but it was a fun night with friends.

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  1. Sam Says:

    I love seeing all your pictures and hearing about your trip. It’s cooling me down as I sit in my hot office wishing it was November instead of August.