Family Vacation 2011- Part 8

Monday, July 18th, was the day we enjoyed going on Avalanche Lake hike with the Cotton Family. It was a moderate hike with a beautiful lake at the end. We packed a lunch and enjoyed eating it by the shore of Avalanche Lake. We also crossed a creek, or stream that feed directly into the lake. I know it might seem silly to most, but the fact that I crossed a natural body of water is huge! I’m not one for being in natural bodies of water, unless they’re crystal clear, and this stream was. It was also a big step for me as a mom to let my girls cross the stream. The day before I had let them put their feet in another creek, and that helped me be a little more laid back. It was a freezing cold stream, and the pebbles were very uncomfortable to walk on, but it was a fun little adventure.

After the hike we were all a little tired and unsure if we wanted to do another one, so we headed to Apgar and bought some ice cream and rested. After we had rested and mustered up our energy we went on a small hike to Johns Lake. Of course we chose it for it’s name, we also hoped to possibly see a moose, since it was close to Moose Country, but we were not able to see one. We did see the small lake and we did see lots of horses, since it’s a popular horse trail.

After this hike, Alex was a little tired and grumpy, so we took the opportunity to go exploring and visit some sites we had previously missed, while the Cotton’s headed back to the cabin.

To see the pictures that go with this post visit Family Vacation 2011 Pictures-Part 8.

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