Just a rambling. Please ignore my insanity.

For my numerous years as a stay-at-home mom, I’ve only had a car for about half of them. The first few years I stayed home all day, every day, except when my good friend Marcie came and rescued me about once a week or every other week. I had school to keep me busy and a church calling, but I was home for most of my life then, except in the evenings when I would finally get to run errands.

As time has gone on, I have a car, and depending on the time of year or what we’re doing, I’m gone for 3-4 days of the week, and always busy, and my house is always mess. I would go on cleaning spurts, the kitchen and the living room would look great, and I might even get the girl’s room organized, but there was always a mess somewhere else in the house. (My bedroom was not listed, so this is one place that is always crazy.)

Life hasn’t changed much, but what I’m realizing is I need a schedule and I need to stick with it, and in the past I’m not very good at schedules, or at least making myself stick to ’em. (Hence the most consistent at being inconsistent award in my previous post.)

I don’t know what it is, I just don’t like schedules, unless it’s full of only things I want to do, and that usually does not mean housework or exercise, though I’m finding a little more joy in the later.

With my new goal of being a consistent homeschooling parent, I’ve realized I need a house cleaning schedule, because my days are getting pretty full, especially since I love to sleep in and stay up late doing nothing of importance, and house cleaning is last on my list.

I tried really hard to put some order to our house before I started school, and that’s why we started a week late. Over the summer our home became very full of stuff, and even though I’ve recently given away tons of baby clothes and plan on getting rid of a crib and a few other things, we acquired a ton of camping gear, lots of books, food storage, and recently some dutch ovens and frying pans, which came in a handy wooden chest, it’s where to put the thing. Plus, Jon did some house cleaning of his own, and our hallway has items that use to be in our closet.

What I’m getting at is: My house is crazy, and every time I make a dent, some other area overflows with items that need a new place because I decided I didn’t like where they were, and within a week the organized room/space is no longer organized.

It’s exhausting and somewhat discouraging. I may be on the Internet a little more than needed and stay up late watching Netflix because I’m avoiding these areas. Also, I’ve just gotten use to things being in not good areas, like our hallway.

In my effort to be a little better about my home, I’m trying to allot some time on Wednesday and Friday morning, my only two mornings without something scheduled, since my afternoons are full of school, and writing blogs about how overwhelmed I am.

Today I decided to clean. But get this. I cleaned my bookshelf! Well one of the 6 we have in our house, but with cleaning it I also cleaned in front of it, which still has stuff, that I need to find a new home for.

Yeah, I’m really wise in how I use my time. I’ll let you know when I get my act together. I do plan on mopping my floors tonight, since I finished my series on Netflix and I there is little on there that interest me now.

So the best way to get me to do anything: Make my life boring as heck, but even then I’ll probably find something else to do.

I’m off to clean some other random place in my home, like the hall closet, but it really does need to be organized once more, since I have items I need to put in there, that no longer fit. It’s just, what will I take out of the closet that will need a new home, and where will that item live till I find a good spot for it?


4 Responses to “Just a rambling. Please ignore my insanity.”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    This sounds like something straight from my own brain. 🙂

  2. andrea Says:

    As someone with limited space in my house I can relate. Lucky for us we have the cellar, so it’s a place for food storage, tools, seasonal items, and a bunch of other things, but my house is still crazy because there is no storage, and there are some things you don’t want to put in a dirt floor cellar that’s hard to access when there’s snow on the ground. It’s good to get the shelfs and closets cleaned and organized since those places are potential homes for some items. Kristi has been cleaning up all weekend, I need her energy and Carolyn’s organizing skills. (Brien has good organizing skills, but we don’t work together well, and how he arranges things doesn’t always work for me). I find that if I can keep the kitchen cleaned up it’s easier to get other things done.

  3. Sam Says:

    I keep telling you that we need to form a team and spend some time organizing each other’s houses. It goes twice as fast and sometimes it helps to get ideas from somebody with fresh eyes on the situation. Anytime you want help organizing I’ll be there! I understand though. That’s why I’m sitting here commenting on your blog and avoiding mopping the floor.

  4. Emelie Says:

    Goin through the same ordeal, seriously. I am half way through a chore card set.