Dance recital

Monday, the 14th, Lilah had her first dance recital. I was a little nervous because at the practice she had refused to dance and was overwhelmed at the large auditorium and the strange people. (It was a the local middle school.) But after singing on Sunday she got a little boost of confidence about not being nervous in front of people. She kept saying how she wasn’t nervous to sing. So Monday came and I tried to prepare her mentally. It would be a big gym and there would be lots of people she didn’t know but there would be people she knew, like Daddy, Eden, Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Carolyn. She took a great nap and we got ready that evening. She didn’t eat much, but I was fine with that since it was early. We got there and Lilah saw her other dance friends and then the people. She seemed okay. She loved clapping for the first number and I think that got her ready.
Well the first number ended and Sam lead the girls to the floor. One girl was having problems. She didn’t want to sit with the other girls and Sam carried her out onto the floor. She started crying the music started and only one of the four girls started doing the motions. Sam was having trouble so I went up to help the girls while she gave the crying one to her mom. I stayed up there for lack of not knowing if it would look strange if I sat down. The remaining four did the motions and Lilah was so cute. She loved the applause and kept talking about getting one of the balloons after it ended. (The had balloons as decorations.) We didn’t get her one but I think we will for Lilah day.
We took a video, no pictures, but we don’t know how to put it up unless we put it on you-tube. I’m hoping to get the pictures that my sister Carolyn took.
It turned out well and Lilah is excited to do tap next year. Eden had a ball and would dance and jump along with the other girls. Too bad she has to wait another year.

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  1. Andrea Says:

    It sounds really cute. I wish I could be around for events like this!

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