That one thing you forgot about.

A while back I was cleaning my house, no really, I did and now I’ve stopped cleaning, it’s just easier that way, and I came across stuff I had borrowed, but hadn’t returned. I moved it to a cupboard we have right by our door, and have returned most of it, but there are a few things I’ve yet to give to their rightful owners. (Sadly, they all belong to family members.)

I’m thinking we’ve all had moments like this, where we borrow something, and due to either knowing the person, or it never being convenient to return, we held onto it a little longer than we should have, or maybe we just plum forgotten. Then we sheepishly return it because we borrowed that book over a year ago, or maybe the person even called to ask for it back, and you felt so silly hanging onto it because you had finished using it weeks, or even months, ago.

Speaking of forgetting, I was an air head twice last week, two days in a row, and for both I was supposed to have been giving service.

The first: I was supposed to pick up peaches for me and a friend. They’re from a farmer in Utah, and they do drop-offs at a local chapel that happens to be across town. She asked if I would pick them up, like three times, which should have been a huge warning sign that I had forgotten each time, and then of course, I forgot that night. It turns out it may have been a blessing in disguise, that just cost me a couple month’s allowance, because neither of us had time to can them last week, the week they came in, and now her 2 year old is super sick, and I imagine it would have been a huge burden for her. (She offered to cut me a break on the costs, but I paid her the full amount because it was my fault that we didn’t get the peaches.) I felt so bad when I realized I had forgotten and couldn’t apologize enough. It’s OK when I forget things for me, but you hate when you forget for someone else.

Fail one.

Second: I was asked to make dinner for a single sister in our ward who had back surgery. I put it on my google calendar, and thought I had set it to remind me through e-mail, but apparently had not. I totally forgot till I was reading a blog about a woman bringing dinner for a friend who was sick. I called her at 8 o’clock that night to make sure she had enough food, and fortunately her sister had been helping her and she was fine. I once more felt so terrible, even more so because I had woken her up.

Fail two.

Of course, we have times where we get things back to someone on time, and we’re able to give service because we don’t forget, but it stinks when we don’t.

One Response to “That one thing you forgot about.”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    It gives me some relief to know I’m not the only one who fails to remember stuff like that. 🙂