October Highlights


Being so excited for the triops. I had to ban you from mentioning them while you were still saving money in September. You were so excited to hatch them and take care of them.

Enjoying Roo’s N More Zoo. You held every animal and loved it.

Going down a hill in a wagon and missing a tree by only 4 inches or so. Apparently I screamed a little and your friends thought it hilarious. (I had just gone over and told you guys to move so none of the kids would hit the tree.)

Being so excited for Halloween and your costume.

Helping with Alex at the park. Helping Sam with Matilda. You’re going to be a great babysitter some day.

Playing Eden’s recorder. I’m wondering if you really wanted to take recorder this term.

Being excited to be a mummy for Halloween.

Learning how to pronounce whoppers correctly. You used to say woo-pers.

Waving and saying bye to some of the people who gave you candy on Halloween night.


Petting some of the animals at the zoo. You didn’t hold any but you still had fun.

Going down the hill in the wagon and tipping over. Just a minute before I had said that it would probably be my kid who tips over in the wagon, and it was. You were a little hurt and scared, but just fine overall.

Practicing your recorder. For some reason you love to practice when I want to take a nap.

Asking if I could make that broccoli casserole, just without the broccoli.

Eating a whole bowl of granola with yogurt and then telling me you didn’t like it.

Telling Lilah, “I just want to chill.” while in your bath relaxing.


Letting the girls play Mario Cart right after they wake up.

Watching the new 30 Rock with me on Netflix and always falling asleep.

Going to the store for applesauce and bananas when I was sick and coming home with a lot more. Milk, eggs, two kinds of apples, applesauce, mango applesauce (ick), cookies, and decorative gourds. (Lilah wanted the gourds and I had actually been telling her no.)

Decorating the table with the gourds and other things we had, like squash and pomegranates, and then Lilah came and put Halloween rings on it.

Watching birth and cesarean videos on youtube.

Adding more and more stuff to your fall centerpiece. I think it might take over the table.

You buying candy from companies who have signed a fair trade declaration. Then me not remembering what companies to buy and you declaring, “Little slave children helped make this candy.” I’m sorry you had to give it away because we had so many trick or treaters. (I was going to return the candy.)

4 Responses to “October Highlights”

  1. Adriana Benitez Says:

    I keep reading your blog, I just haven’t commented in awhile. Jon definitely has strong convictions in everything. Although, why would he be watching birth and cesarean videos?…

  2. Lacey Says:

    I forget what got us to the birth videos, but somehow we started watching them. We are not having any more kids, so it was just something we were doing. I did not watch the cesarean videos, those were too much for me.

  3. Nice Niece Says:

    I can hear Eden’s cute little voice saying “I just want to chill.” Ha ha ha! 😀

  4. andrea Says:

    Slave kids probably contributed to my Halloween candy as well, even though I think it as formed and packaged in the U.S.

    You made me smile.