Roo’s N More

Way back in October, well I think it was October, we visited Roo’s N More Zoo in Moapa, Nevada. We went there in April this year too, or somewhere around that time, but I never got around to posting pictures from that visit.

Jon had taken the originally scheduled day off of work so he could go, but then it rained all day and night, and even the morning of, so our group had to postpone our trip. Since we rescheduled it to the following week, he wasn’t able to go. For the day we were suppose to go, we decided to go bowling, and I got the lowest score. Apparently I should use the bumpers too. Jon did alright, but I bowled pitifully.

I was going to do a quick blog of what we did in October, but there were just too many cute pictures, so I decided I’d just get on the ball and overwhelm my reader(s) with a post a day while I play catch up. So here’s to hoping I can get the other needed posts out of the way over the next few days.


Lilah was willing to hold any animal she could get her hands on.


While Eden mostly kept her distance but did pet a few of the animals.


A fun and very slow sloth.


Petting the sloth.


The baby otter kissing and making noises in Lilah’s ear.


The super cute baby African porcupine.


Lilah took this picture of me holding the baby otter.


A baby kangaroo in a mommy’s pouch. I think it had only been born a week or so before.


Eden petting a 3 1/2 legged desert tortoise.


The monkey eating Lilah’s hair.


Gotta love that smile.


Eden didn’t want to hold the monkey by herself, so I made her tag along while I played with the monkey.


The monkey also liked my camera case.


Why yes, that is a python wrapping itself around my daughter’s waist.


See, it’s not that big of a snake, and no, I did not hold or touch it.


The girls with the kangaroo sculpture.

4 Responses to “Roo’s N More”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    Great pictures! What an adventure. 🙂

  2. Carolyn Says:

    Looks like fun. i have never heard of that place. I may need to go.

  3. Jonathan Blake Says:

    The 3.5-legged tortoise made me a little sad.

  4. Lacey Says:

    It is a little sad. It lost it’s leg to a dog I believe but, because the zoo takes care of him he can still live a nice life. In the wild he’d probably lose in a tortoise fight, be put on his back, and die.