November Highlights

Kissing at 11:11 am on 11-11-11. Eden did not want to kiss anyone, but we all kissed her.

Waiting till after breakfast to have your all day eating candy day, because you knew I wanted you to wait. (Same goes for Eden.)

Wearing your cowboy boots around the house to break them in, even when you were just sitting and reading. I need to add: Wearing your cowboy boots the moment you woke up in the morning, while still in your pajamas.

Being so excited to take horse-back riding lessons. Coming in around 10 am and saying you thought it was lunch time, because you could hardly wait to go.

Beaming after you had lead Boomer around the small corral. Loving your lessons.

Trying to wear your old jeans, now that Eden is also wearing the same brand as you. You’re used to only having to notice the name of the jeans, not just the size.

Wanting me to purchase you footsie pajamas.

Riding a horse!

Trying to convince me to let you carry in what I got at Old Navy, knowing there were presents.

Being alright when two of the Girl Scout activities got canceled that we registered you for. 🙁

Playing with the rocks in a candle holder that I have and making them animated.

Sitting in the car with me to stay warm. Making a little hideout under the fully reclined seat. I’m not sure it was very comfortable, but you sat and read quietly while I took a nap and waited for Lilah’s lesson to be over.

Lying on your bed in your blue shirt, with blue sheets on, seeing if you would be camouflaged.

Not wanting to be come out and be kissed at 11:11 on 11-11-11. I had to take you from your room and drag you to the living room. We all kissed you, but I’m not sure why you wouldn’t give us any kisses. You did give me a kiss at 1:11. 🙂

Head-butting everyone, or really pushing your head into everyone. We call you Billy because of it.

Taking lots of core samples from the play-dough mountain I had used for science that day.

Sending me monotonous reminders and signing them: Love Jonathan.

Not wanting to do anything that would make someone work on Vetrans Day, even though it would have been the perfect time to go to the Nevada State Museum.

Sending me old journal posts from when we were dating.

Telling me that to stay married you don’t have to love someone, you just have to tolerate them.

I suggested we get you all natural hair gel because I think you look cute with the wet hair look. You suggested a few all natural alternatives like olive oil and lard.

One Response to “November Highlights”

  1. morjulie Says:

    add egg whites to the gel alternatives list! 🙂