Christmas 2011

Christmas is always fun with family. It’s especially nice to have Jon home before Christmas. I love that he is usually able to have the week before Christmas off and always takes the time between Christmas and New Years, because he could work if he needed to, but it’s a good way for us to use his vacation and relax as a family. Having the time off helps us get things ready around the house, gives us time to help his parents, and spend time doing nothing, which happens a lot because he’s here and I just don’t want to do anything when he’s around. (We spend lots of time cuddling and watching movies.)

Jon went to work on Monday the 19th, then was off for the rest of the week. We were planning on helping my sister move or get settled in hew new house on Tuesday, but it just wasn’t a good day for her, so we went to his parents and set up their Christmas tree. Wednesday we went to Carolyn’s new house, and were not very successful in putting up ceiling fans or doing much of anything, but our ladder did help with putting up an air vent and Jon’s drill came in handy for my dad. We took time on Thursday to clean our house up and get it more prepared for Christmas and went shopping so the girls could choose gifts for one another. Friday we ran a couple errands and baked cookies for Santa. Saturday we visited his parents in the afternoon to drop off presents, then went to my parents for Christmas Eve festivities. After seeing family we came home, put on our new pajama’s, got the treats for Santa and the reindeer on the table, put up the Christmas curtain, and sent two girls to bed.

I was able to get everything prepared before the clock struck 12:30 pm, my only problem was a sleeping husband on the couch. (Last year was the first time he stayed awake the whole night.) I got Jonathan up and us into bed around 12:45 am.

Jon awoke first, did a few last minute touches, and put our breakfast into the oven. Lilah woke up and came and cuddled with me in bed and Eden soon followed. We spent around 10 minutes cuddling and waking up as a family. Lilah loved the small Christmas tree “that Santa must have set up” in the hall way and the Christmas music coming from the living room. We made our way out around 8:30 and the girls began finding their names on gifts and opening presents. We usually have a somewhat small Christmas, especially compared to what seems to be the norm: outlandish go into debt and spoil everyone rotten Christmases. I think we’re somewhat too practical. (Not that I don’t sometimes buy too much or we don’t get nice things.) We buy things for the girls as needed over the year, and have so little room, that buying a lot of new toys or stuff just seems impractical. We got things the girls has asked for, plus some clothes, a couple movies, books, and cool items for school. Lilah loves her new Razor scooter, and Eden loves her Wubble pet and real clay. They both received what they wanted and have enjoyed their new things.

My gift to Jon this year was a book of pictures from our National Parks trip this summer. I ran into problems making it and it was a labor of love on a deadline, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out. My sister Andrea helped me edit the written passages, since it was a surprise for my normal editor. When we took it to Jon’s parents to show it to them on Christmas day his mom thought it was our gift to them! We corrected the misinterpretation, but she would love a copy for herself. I’m planning on ordering a copy for each girl to have so when they’re adults they can have it for their own collection.

Jon bought me the latest Brad Paisley CD and planned on me getting a massage or spa treatment of my choice. He didn’t purchase anything because he wanted me to choose the place and treatment. Later that day Carolyn mentioned that Derek had given her Brad Paisley tickets, and I decided that is really what I wanted. So Jon and I will be going to Brad Paisley, and since it was more than what my original present was going to be, it’s also an early anniversary gift. I’m very excited and looking forward to my third concert.

After presents we ate breakfast and the girls and I rushed off to church. We came home for a short time to eat lunch, then visited Jon’s parents. After that visit we went to my parents to help prepare the Christmas meal and eat. My brother Glenn’s two daughters are in town, so it was the first time we were able to enjoy them being with our family for Christmas since they were babies, or about 7 years. Once the Kemple’s came the cousins had fun playing and the adults enjoyed spending time and being with family.

We came back to our messy home from the earlier festivities, cleaned the couch off and watched a little bit of The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, a gift for the girls since we just finished reading the novel by Dickens as a family, and went to bed.

We’re now preparing for the new year. It’s amazing how time flies.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a very Merry Christmas.

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