December Highlights

Bugging me about the advent calendar so we could start it on December 1st.
Bugging me about our nativity and wanting to set it up.
Helping your daddy by picking off the green tomatoes from the plants he brought in before it got to freezing temperatures.
Cuddling in our bed on Christmas morning, for just a few minutes, then going out and unwrapping presents.

Telling me to stop using my British accent while I was doing things around the house.

Messing up when you were giving your part in the Primary Program. You made a funny face and noise, then continued to recite your part wonderfully.

Always putting your hood on your head to put a coat or jacket on. You do it mostly to annoy me, since I don’t like you to mess up your hair right after I do your hair, but also because it’s easier to put the jackets on.

Cuddling with me at Church on Christmas Sunday.

Daddy got after me for saying the web was down. “The internet is not down, our connection is not working.” You then said, “Yeah the spider web isn’t down.”


Holding your foot with your hand, by interlocking your toes with your hand, like how most people interlock their fingers.

Giving me the stink-eye while you were on the stand for the Primary Program, because I stuck my tongue out at you. You wouldn’t smile back, so I resorted to a more drastic measure. (You did give us a small smile right after you got on the stand and found your spot.)

Loving curly hair. You don’t care if you get a slightly less restful night.

Saying you were an expert about ice cream drumsticks, because you’ve had enough experience with them.

Saying “escape”, as in “es-scap-eh”, or how Dori first pronounces escape incorrectly in Finding Nemo. You say it instead of saying stop it. Lilah first gave me the reason that es-scap-eh was stop it in another language, then it was decided that it sounded somewhat like stop it when said fast.

Having the girls do your job of picking off the tomatoes. Yes they can do it, but you were suppose to. Saying they needed to start earning their way, or paying us back through work.

Me walking into our room and turning on the light, you startling me when you spoke and said you were trying to take a nap.

Being patient with my while I was in and out of sickness, for a week.

I gave you a hug in some silly manner.
Jon: You are a silly wife.
Me: I think I’m getting sillier as I get older.
Jon: Should be fun when the dementia sets in.
(Then Jon apologized because having dementia would be really sad.)

Riding Lilah’s scooter around the house when they weren’t home. Tsk. Tsk. It’s something I don’t allow Lilah to do.

Wanting me to include Lacey highlights so here are a few:
Having two white hand prints on my rear end, and they weren’t from you.

This conversation that you so kindly posted to Facebook:
Me: Hey, what’s the opposite of accelerando?
Lacey: Ritardo?
Google: Um, no. Ritardando.

I was speaking in a very silly and bad French accent after your Christmas present from France arrived. I could not help it, and it ruined the surprise. You decided that I just can’t keep surprises, I want to spill the beans. You might be correct on that.

4 Responses to “December Highlights”

  1. Nice Niece Says:

    I always enjoy your highlights!

  2. morjulie Says:

    awe! how great! i love your idea. 😉 what sweet memories.

  3. andrea Says:

    So what was the gift from France?

  4. Lacey Says:

    The gift from France was a map that was recently published for a book series Jon collects and works on putting on the Internet. It was just being released there, so we had to buy it from France. Right after we bought it it was released here I think, or maybe Britain and then just after Christmas and before New Years we received an autographed copy from the author of the series.