January Highlights


Drawing abstract art.

Daddy finding you in Eden’s bed one morning. Then you two deciding to sleep together in Eden’s bed for another night. You say you want your own room when we buy a bigger house, but you’re not even using your own bed right now.

Arguing with me that you were not sick, even though you had a stuffy nose and terrible cough.

I told you we wanted a four bedroom house so we could have a study and a library, and a sewing and a guest room. You asked if we were all going to sleep in the same room? I was like no, you and Eden will have a room to share. You though we’d have a study/library, a sewing room, and a guest room, rather than a sewing/guest room. All these rooms, but we’d be sharing the master bedroom. 🙂

Eating your Chinese food with chopsticks, or I should say attempting to eat with chopsticks. Dad was kind enough to make them into trainer chopsticks and you had much better luck that way.

Waking up and playing ponies with Eden. Then waiting for as long as possible, till I gave the final warning, to come eat or wait till lunch. You told me you were waiting for as long as possible. (I don’t care when you skip lunch, but you need to eat breakfast at a decent time.)

Wanting to go to the jewelry store to play while my rings got checked. Me saying how it goes faster without you because I don’t have to wait for two playing girls. You telling me you only get to be a kid once so you might as well enjoy it and play for as long as possible.


Being extra brave and not moving when the dentist pulled two teeth, which also happened to be your first tooth/teeth that you’ve lost.

Having mountains of pillows and blankets at the head of your bed and putting you lost teeth under a small pillow from when you were little. It has your hand-prints at 23 months. Also telling me that the Tooth Fairy knows where to find the teeth, even if they were hidden under you mountain of pillows.

Daddy: We should have family game night more often.
Eden: Yeah, like Friday and Saturday.
Mommy and Daddy: I think once a week is good enough.
Eden: So maybe Wednesday and Friday?

Our internet going down and you saying, “Dun, dun, dun.”

While cuddling one morning I asked when you thought you’d be too big to cuddle or sit on my lap. “Probably when I’m nine,” was your reply.

Your eyes lighting up when I showed you I was buying you a new math workbook. Telling me you were going to do four pages the moment we got home.

Deciding out of the blue that you wanted to pet the lizard during critter time at the Natural History Museum. You asked if I had the camera to take a picture, I did not, but fortunately Monica took your picture for me. You have never wanted to pet the lizards or any other creature for the past year, or more.

“If anyone wants to use the honey, just know it is so sticky.”


Bringing home tons of videos, magazines and books from your parents because we have a, “Take whatever they offer policy,” in effort to help de-clutter their home. It kinda makes me think that we need a bigger home to put their library of things, that you want, but it also seems like we shouldn’t buy a bigger home just because they are giving us stuff. Sigh, it’s a vicious cycle. (The big problem is I want to keep the items we took, but don’t know where to put them.)

Suggesting family game night.

Being open and supportive to me wanting to buy a house, even with one of the reasons being that I feel inspired that we should buy a certain house. (It also had a lot of our major qualifications.)

Us having such different decorating tastes. What I think is not nice, you’re alright with.

I mentioned how having stairs in the house might help us loose weight and you remarked that you already go up and down five flight of stairs a couple times a day, sometimes even three times, because you don’t use the elevator to get to your office. So the stairs might help me loose weight.

Wanting to breed and eat your own rabbits. I really don’t want to do this but you seem to have our girls going. Eden wants a pet rabbit, so you might have a hard sell with actually eating the rabbits still. I’m very, very, very against this.

Losing weight and building muscle again. You’re so. dang. cute. (You were before too. I love you for more than just your body.)

Trying to convince me that getting big is not inevitable. My butt won’t balloon just because I turn 30.

Me: Thanks for dancing with me. Really, thanks for dancing with other women.
Jon: You mean older women. I’m not dancing with lots of young, available women.
Dance lessons have been mostly enjoyable for the both of us. It seems like if I’m getting a dance, you’re having a harder time, and if you’re getting the dance, I’m having a hard time. It’s still lots of fun.

Going to Brad Paisley when you were still trying to get better. Enjoying the Brad Paisley concert with me.

Wondering how long it was taking for me to do my curly hair. Telling me it was really cute. Nudging my shoulder during the beginning of “Waiting on a Woman,” when they sang about the woman getting ready. I think that’s why you nudged my shoulder anyways.

Carolyn highlight:
Carolyn called me to let me know a time to see a house.
Carolyn: Are you sick, or feeling not well?
Me: No I was just trying to take a nap when you called.
Carolyn: Man, I want to be a stay-at-home-mom and take naps.
Me: Yeah, I’m wanting to rest for our Salsa dance lessons tonight.
Carolyn: Well, isn’t your life so hard.
I told Jon the conversation and he said that my life seemed pretty good from that conversation. What can I say, being a SAHM has it’s perks and life is pretty good.

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